Adopted By 1D

Stephine and Nikki are 17 year old twins who have been in an orphanage since they were 5 years old. They are in for the surprise of their lives when they find out who they were adopted by.


24. Asking

Please read author note at the end :)


Liams POV


We got into the hotel room and got settled in. We both huffed out a sigh once we finished putting everything away. Nikki plopped down on the king sized bed and sighed.

"Glad we got all packed." she started and rolled over on her stomach, "What dya' wanna do?"

I smiled and sat down next to her. I grabbed her hands and and looked in her eyes. Without hesitation I pulled her in and smashed my lips against hers. Our lips danced together with passion. My hands snaked around her waist and her hands found their way around my neck.  I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes again.

"Can I ask you something?" I breathed

She breathed as well, "Sure,"


Her eyebrows knitted together and she backed up.

"Do you wanna go see the Hollywood Sign?" I sighed at my lame switch.

She beamed with joy and excitement. "Yes!"




After the long drive we finally made it to the Hollywood Sign.

She sighed, "Wow."

I looked over at her face. Her features were drawn with awe. I'd never understood why people were so fascinated with this sign, it was just something that told you what town you were in; nothing fancy.

She sighed again and spoke, "Its not what I pictured."

"Well," I wrapped my arm around her waist, "Maybe we should come back at night. There's lights that flash underneath which make it look even cooler."

She smiled and looked back at me. I returned the smile and winked at her. She blushed and looked down at the ground, her smile still plastered across her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked and grabbed her hand.

"Nothing, you just-" she paused

I cocked my head to the side and waited for her to finish.

"You make me smile."

She giggled and looked back down.

"You're really nice to me, I've never had this must affection before, It's still foreign to me I guess." she scrunched up her nose and moved her sunglasses up.

"I don't understand how you bared to stay at that awful place." I grumbled

"Hey," she looked up and put her finger under my chin, "It's ok. I've pushed all of that behind me. I'm going to focus on right now. Everything in the present and the future is what matters now, nothing else. Right now, I'm going to focus on us and this vacation. I'm ok. Ok?"

I nodded, "I'll protect you no matter what, though. Don't forget that."

"I won't forget it until the day I die."

We both smiled and gently pecked our lips once.

"Let me take a picture of you in front of it." I said once we separated.


She stood in front and looked at the sky, her arms were out by her sides and the wind gently blew her hair. I snapped the picture and showed it to her once she came over. {below}

"I love it! Remind me to blow it up when we get home?" she asked and I nodded

We drove back home and had a quick dinner of Chinese since it was too late to go out. Nikki went to take a shower and left me alone with my thoughts.

Should I ask her out? What if she says no? She wouldn't say no though, she said today that you make her happy, remember? My conscious reminds me.

I shook my head and look at the picture I took of her today. She looks absolutely beautiful. She was so carefree and happy. I cant help but feel like I was partially the reason for it. I finally decided. I'm gonna ask her out. I was sure she would say yes, I don't see a reason why she wouldn't, she said I make her happy. I can only make her happier if I get closer to her. I studied the picture more and tapped around and made it my background. I wanted that memory to flash every time I opened my phone. As if on cue, Nikki came out. Her wet hair hung over her shoulders as she tossed her towel on the bed.

"Hey," she said and sat down, "Whats up?"

"Nothing, I'm just thinking." I replied

She nodded, "About what?"

"The future I guess. What will happen with everyone like the band and everything." I answered

She nodded again and stood up, she walked over to the mini refrigerator. Grabbing a grape soda, she walked over to me and sat on my lap. I rested my hand on her legs as she cracked open the can and began sipping.

"Something's bothering you, Liam." she said after she gulped down her drink.

Without thinking, I grasped her face and crashed my lips against hers. She was shocked and it took her a few seconds to kiss back. It was a gentle, yet passionate kiss. I kissed her for about another thirty seconds and then finally pulled back.

"I have to ask you something." I breathed out heavily

All of this seemed like déjà vu from this morning when I almost asked her.

She furrowed her eyebrows and nodded.

I sighed, "I like you. A lot."

She grasped my arms. Her light hazel eyes burned into mine as I let out my other statement.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"












So yeah he finally grew a pair and asked her out. Its about time Liam. lol just kidding ily Liam. IM SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING SINCE LIKE THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY. Homework and life got in the way AND to make everything even more difficult, we started reading after. And now we cant stop. So its difficult cuz that book is the bomb and we aren't even close to that good so it kinda makes me self conscious about this book. But, nonetheless we will still be updating just not as frequently. We also have really big tests coming up too. Friday was session one of our English exams and tomorrow will be session two so I have to get to sleep early tonight as well. Then, in May we have math exams so don't expect a lot of updating then either. When summer comes around we will definitely be updating more so that gives everyone another reason to look forward to summer right...? ANYWAY. Tell us who you ship more, Stiall [Steph and Niall] or Nikiam [Nikki and Liam] Comment those below. And the pic below is the pic that Liam took of Nikki in case you were wondering. (Its Elizabeth Gillies btw) OK well that sums everything up! Thanks for all the readers too and don't forget to comment! ILYSM! ~SyDnEy

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