Silver Linings

Louis blends into the background quite easily, and he likes that. So, you can imagine how he feels when he is cast as the lead in the school musical, especially when he didn't really want to audition in the first place. Then he meets Harry. Harry... doesn't blend into the background. He stands out because he is, well he's basically a punk. Tattoos, piercings, the lot. Louis fells weird around Harry, but he's not... at least, he doesn't think he's gay.


1. The one time I actually listen!

I hate English. Usually I’m one of those people that doesn’t really mind school and enjoys they’re lessons, and I do enjoy most of my lessons! Just not English. I hate English.

Whoever decided that words had to be spelt the same way every time they were written, is a prat. Who cares if I missed out a letter when you know what word I was going for? And, Miss Kings, I know you know what I mean because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to correct me and God help me, you do that a lot.

It really has gotten to the point where I consider it a success if Miss Kings has written the correct spelling of the word next to my extremely good guess, because at least then she knew which word I was attempting to write. It’s worse when she just underlines my messy scrawl and puts a question mark next to it. That’s what happens to my not so amazing guesses…

Sometimes you can tell what mood she’s in by how she marks my work. My first few mistakes are corrected in a loose handwriting, but some point after the seventh she gets a little… agitated? All I know is her writing gets smaller and sharper and when she dots the question mark, she dent’s the page.

It’s not like I don’t try, I just… okay, I suppose I could try harder. Or try, full stop. Or even at least listen to was Miss Kings has to say.

I suppose I could give listening a go.

I pulled myself out of my daydream and looked towards Miss Kings, who was talking animatedly about something or another. I focused on her voice and tried not to be distracted by my urge to daydream.

“As I said last lesson, this year’s school musical will be called ‘Star Crossed’,” Miss Kings said excitedly as I rolled my eyes, “Written by our very own, Stacy Marks! Stacy, if you would like to brief the class on the plot of ‘Star Crossed’?”

I sighed, regretting my attempt at listening as Stacy stood up. Stacy is one of those girls who cakes her face in foundation until she’s the colour of an Umpa-Lumpa and backcombs her dyed blonde hair until it looks as if it’s about to drop off. She then walks around thinking she’s better than everyone else and hating everyone who doesn’t worship the ground she walks on. She’s one of those girls.

“Right, so… basically, what happens is… Like, there’s a girl called Millie and she’s, like… really pretty and stuff and, like, every guy wants her, but she wants a boyfriend to make her more popular so he has to, like, be really fit and have a nice car and stuff. Then there’s this lad, called Tom who’s completely in love with her and he well likes her-“

“Well, I’m sure everyone will look forward to reading the script! Thank you Stacy…” Miss Kings thankfully interrupted.

“But, Miss I didn’t finish!” Stacy pouted.

Yeah, thank God.

“Don’t worry Stacy, everyone can read the script tonight,” Miss Kings smiled.

Well, I won’t be, I thought. I don’t even need to because it’s so obvious what’s going to happen. Guy hopelessly in love with a girl faker than Barbie, Barbie wanting materials instead of love… Then there probably another girl who’s so nice and boring who’s in love with the stupid guy who loves Barbie. In the end, Stupid Guy ends up with Boring Girl whilst Barbie finds her Ken who probably has a Ferrari. Typical story.

“Why do we have to read it, Miss?” someone groaned as if they knew the answer and was dreading it becoming official.

“Because,” Miss Kings smiled in a way that can never be good, “You will all take part in it!”

A loud groan swept across the room, leaving ripples of mutterings in its wake. My heart sunk.

“Now! Before you go jumping to conclusions, not everyone will have to perform on stage, we need directors, actors, prop managers, costume managers, people to design and make sets, people to do lighting…”

I scowled. None of that appeals to me because, as I mentioned before, I hate English. That includes drama.

“Obviously, I won’t be deciding on the cast because that is the Directors job. I will, however be assigning backstage jobs to people I think are most suited to the role, but only after the cast has been chosen so I know who I have to work with. If you would like a particular role, come and speak to me at the end of the lesson. The only role I will be assigning now is that of the Director. Who would be interested?” Miss Kings asked, looking put off by the unenthusiastic looks of most of her pupils.

There were a few raised hands, the most surprising one being Niall Horan who usually didn’t take things like this seriously, but he looked pretty determined if you asked me. Miss Kings was obviously surprised as well, but her face broke out into a grin.

“Niall! I’m glad to see you want to get involved!” She said brightly.

“Well, we’ve never really done much like this before and I have always fancied trying Directing, so…” he said cheerfully, with his thick Irish accent.

Miss Kings didn’t take much time to consider before offering the role to Niall, delighted that the usual ‘Class Clown’ you could say, was getting involved in the school musical.

“So, I get to choose cast and stuff, yeah?” Niall asked, his eyes shining.

“Mmm, I was thinking you could hold auditions tomorrow lunch time, in the theatre?” Miss Kings offered.

Niall nodded, writing in big letters on his arm ‘Musical thingy tomorrow at lunch’. I grinned to myself as Miss Kings looked as if she wasn’t sure if she should be happy he’s taking it seriously or sceptical because he’s writing on his arm.

Can’t change her mind now, can she?

“Okay, I’ll be there!” He announced before muttering to his friend, “Don’t let me forget.”

I sunk further into my chair as Miss Kings started to hand out the scripts, knowing there was no way I could get out of this one, not if the whole class had to do it. She slowly made her way round to me, taking care handing me my script commenting in what I’m sure she meant to be a joking way, “Let’s hope your acting is better than your spelling, Louis.”

Shaking my head, I laughed, “Miss, I won’t be acting.”

“You will in your audition…” she said her eyebrows furrowed as if I had suddenly morphed into a walrus. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and the confusion vanished from her face.

“I forgot to say, class,” she began, continuing to hand out scripts, “You all have to at least audition for a park to get you Performing Credits that will contribute to your final mark at the end of the project.”

My head started spinning and a chant of, “No No No!” ran through my head. I can’t act and I defiantly can’t sing. I won’t.

“Miss?” I said, desperately, “What if we don’t audition?”

“Performing is half the required mark to pass. If you don’t audition, you will fail this module.”

I groaned and kicked the table lightly. At least it’s only in front of Niall… If I do a deliberately bad job, people think it’s funny and know I’m not taking it seriously so I won’t get the part, easy. But, then I won’t get enough marks, and could possibly fail which I know my Mum would kill me for.

I was so wrapped up in my own head that I didn’t even hear when the bell sounded, signalling the last class of the day was over and I was free to leave. I swung my bag over my shoulder once I realised people were leaving, grabbing my script off the table, and left the room.

“Louis?” I heard Miss Kings call as the final people filtered out of the door.

I turned to face my teacher, “Yes, Miss?”

“I know you don’t want to audition, but as you have to, I suggest you go for the role of Tom,” she suggested.

“Tom? Isn’t that a main part? Look, Miss, I don’t even want to audition…” I said sheepishly, shuffling my feet.

“Well, you have to.”

“Yeah, but I was going to go for a small part…” I explained, still not quite able to meet her eyes.

“You have a choice of Tom, Will or Dex. I read the script, Louis, and while it may not be… perfect, I know Stacy poured her heart and soul into it. It would be awful if it didn’t go well, for the school and for her,” she said softly.

Too bad I don’t care about Stacy, then. Don’t look at me like that, she’s a bitch.

“Miss, I don’t see how me stumbling around on stage and making a show of myself by singing is going to improve the show, anyway!” I protested.

“Louis, I’m not asking you to do this on a whim! You have been recommended to me by a pupil who though you would be good for the part,” she said uncomfortably.

My head snapped up, and I let my eyes trail over to hers from the spot on the floor they had been fixed on for this entire conversation, “What? By who? They’re having a laugh, Miss!”

“I’ve… promised not to say.”

“Miss, I don’t know…”

Miss Kings sighed, looking tired, “Please Louis?”

I groaned, “Fine. It’s not like I’d get the part anyway…”

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