The Disordered Group *Louis Tomlinson BSM*

Breezy Wilder, Poppy Lister, Alex Cowell and Lexi Blue are in a group called The Disordered Group. The only member in the group who has two siblings, Louis Tomlinson and Carrie Tomlinson, Breezy refuses to change her last name to her Step-Father's last name. She wants to be who she really is but she isn't who she is. The four girls have disorders and they fit into their own little world, the accept each other in the group but sometimes a lot of thing can get out of hand. Breezy has a serious Anxiety disorder, Poppy has CBT, Alex has Dyslexia and Lexi has Multiple Personality and Panic disorder. One more person joins the group but will they accept her? Louis used to pay attention to Breezy but he then stopped and ignored her as he payed more attention to Carrie which makes Breezy terribly worried. As her problems and the other girl's problems go on, will anyone help them? Or will they be ignored? NOTE: THIS IS A BSM And all of the girls are smart! They're in college


2. Chapter Two

Breezy's POV


¬After School¬


"You guys need a ride?" I whisper, hiding behind a bush so that no one would see me and shout, 'There she is!'.


"I do." Poppy raised her hand, taking her bike off of the railing and following me like a duckling. I got into the side of my car slowly, unlocking Poppy's door in the process. I pressed a button so that the trunk would open.


She then closed my trunk, opened her door and sat down.


"Buckle up and lock your doors." I sang while turning the ignition, the engine coughing. "Wait! Wait!" Louis and Cassie shouted, smiles on their faces, waving at us while running towards the car.


They both got in from the open windows and whispered into each others ears.

"Buckle up." I grumbled, moving the joystick to 'R'.


I reversed out of my spot and moved the joystick back to 'D'.


I then started to drive.


"Hold onto your handles." I called out as I was going to take another rough turn. I gripped my wheel tightly and power slided to the right, Louis and Carrie tumbling again.


Louis opened his mouth to say something until I hit the brakes, "Don't say anything, you weren't listening to me." I say calmly, he opened his mouth again, "Yes, I was speaking loud enough." I interjected.


Carrie opened her mouth, "You know what? Walk the fuck home." I spat, they grumbled while walking out of the car.


I rubbed my face in frustration, starting to drive again.


A couple of minutes later, I dropped Poppy off at her flat. "Bye." I mumbled as she slammed my trunk closed angrily.


I parked in my lot and walked out of my car, I opened my door and walked towards the kitchen. I cooked bacon, french toast, teriyaki chicken and angel food cake.


"I made dinner." I call out as I heard the door slam shut and chatter filling the silence.


As I waited, no one walked into the kitchen. I frowned, "Fine, I'll finish this by myself." I murmur, sitting down at the large table, grabbing a good amount of food.


Narrator's POV


As Breezy finished the last piece of Angel Food Cake, Carrie and Louis walked down the stairs.


"Where's the food?" Louis asks as they both walk in on Breezy washing the dishes, Breezy shrugged and kept on cleaning the dishes.


"Where's the freaking food?" Louis asks again, "What do ya think?" Breezy says lowly.


"So you fucking threw it away?" Carrie exclaimed, "No! I did fucking not!" Breezy retorted with anger. "You did throw it away!" Louis gasped, his eyebrows furrowing with anger, "See? This is why mum and dad hated you! Because you wouldn't eat anything, you would just throw it away!" Louis shouted.


"That was never me! It was always Carrie! I had to cover for her because she promised she would give me popularity! And look where I am! Fucking NO WHERE!" she shouted, breaking a dish.


"THAT'S WHY SHE'S FUCKING THIN." she finished, tears falling out of her eyes.


"You fucking disgrace, blaming it on your sister. Pathetic." Louis spat, looking Breezy up and down.


Breezy's shoulders were moving up down, her breathing was heavy, she was trying to calm herself.


She wiped the tears from her face away.


"Do you still love me?" she asked, her voice cracking at the end.


"Yes, I do, you're my sister, why wouldn't I love yo-" "Then why would you act like this? I still love you because I don't know what I'd do without you two, how you treat me, I still love you because we're a family. You make your own choices in your life, and everything you do affects someone in some sort of way." she talked, her eyebrows knit together.


"And I can't do anything, because everyone treats me differently. Everyone gives me a label, you two do that too. Why can't you accept that being popular is not helping anyone? It's only helping you, popularity is something a beautiful person can have. And I'm not that person, but it's you." she cried quietly.


"I don't know what to do anymore, honestly. I really do not know." she sniffed.


Breezy's POV


I looked up, Carrie was hiding behind Louis and Louis looked emotionless.


I shook my head sadly. I took a deep breath and walked upstairs.


"I still love you two..." I murmur as I walked into my bedroom and landed onto my bed.



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