The Disordered Group *Louis Tomlinson BSM*

Breezy Wilder, Poppy Lister, Alex Cowell and Lexi Blue are in a group called The Disordered Group. The only member in the group who has two siblings, Louis Tomlinson and Carrie Tomlinson, Breezy refuses to change her last name to her Step-Father's last name. She wants to be who she really is but she isn't who she is. The four girls have disorders and they fit into their own little world, the accept each other in the group but sometimes a lot of thing can get out of hand. Breezy has a serious Anxiety disorder, Poppy has CBT, Alex has Dyslexia and Lexi has Multiple Personality and Panic disorder. One more person joins the group but will they accept her? Louis used to pay attention to Breezy but he then stopped and ignored her as he payed more attention to Carrie which makes Breezy terribly worried. As her problems and the other girl's problems go on, will anyone help them? Or will they be ignored? NOTE: THIS IS A BSM And all of the girls are smart! They're in college


3. Chapter Three *filler*

~2 Years Later~




I'm 21 now, and Louis has a new girlfriend while Carrie has a new boyfriend! I'm still the single one, sadly, but oh well, I understand. 


Right now, everyone, which means Louis, Carrie, Eleanor and Drew, and I are in the lounge room. 


"I'm going to get a drink." I murmured, standing up from the sofa and walking towards the kitchen. "I'll come with you." Eleanor gave me a fake smile, walking with me.


I took a cup from the cabinet and poured water into the cup. As for Eleanor, she was trying to reach a cup. It was at the edge of the cabinet until it fell, crashing to the floor, the glass breaking into hundreds of broken pieces.


Everyone ran into the kitchen, my eyes wide while Eleanor froze.


"Who did this?" Carrie and Louis asked, annoyed. Eleanor pointed me, I shook my head. "I DID NOT DO THAT!" I pointed at the mess. "You fucking idiot! Do you know how much that costs?!" Louis scolded me.


"No I do not know how much it costs because you guys don't let me fucking buy stuff with you two!" I retorted, my face full of anger.


"IT'S BECAUSE YOU RUIN EVERYTHING!" he shouted, making me shrink back. "I do not ruin everything." I murmur, playing with the ends of my sleeves.


My nose started to burn with pain as tears flowed down my cheeks.


"You're right, you don't ruin everything, you're just a stupid and worthless mistake." Carrie spat at me. I scratched my neck while looking up. I sighed in defeat. "Maybe you guys are right. I'll just-I'll just stay in my room for the day." I sniffed, rubbing my nose a bit.


Louis groaned, "Stop faking it! Stop trying to make everyone feel bad for you! It's not going to work!" he explained, I shook my head, glaring at him and everyone.


"I'm not trying anything. I'm just trying to be friends with my family again." I shrugged, wiping my eyes a bit.


I crossed my arms and legs while sighing. "So? Are you going to leave or what?" I question angrily, scratching my neck.


"You are so shallow." Louis sighed, taking a smirking Eleanor away and back to the lounge room. "Attention whore." Carrie scoffed, taking her blank boyfriend away.


This is just a sad family relationship.



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