The Disordered Group *Louis Tomlinson BSM*

Breezy Wilder, Poppy Lister, Alex Cowell and Lexi Blue are in a group called The Disordered Group. The only member in the group who has two siblings, Louis Tomlinson and Carrie Tomlinson, Breezy refuses to change her last name to her Step-Father's last name. She wants to be who she really is but she isn't who she is. The four girls have disorders and they fit into their own little world, the accept each other in the group but sometimes a lot of thing can get out of hand. Breezy has a serious Anxiety disorder, Poppy has CBT, Alex has Dyslexia and Lexi has Multiple Personality and Panic disorder. One more person joins the group but will they accept her? Louis used to pay attention to Breezy but he then stopped and ignored her as he payed more attention to Carrie which makes Breezy terribly worried. As her problems and the other girl's problems go on, will anyone help them? Or will they be ignored? NOTE: THIS IS A BSM And all of the girls are smart! They're in college


1. Chapter One

A/N Hello! My name is Thursday and this will be a Louis Tomlinson BSM/BSS (Brother sister moment/brother sister story) SO! With all to respect, I do not disrespect people with disorders, which means I do not disrespect myself and other people with disorders. SORRY IF YOU WERE NOT PICKED FOR THE CHARACTER CONTEST! IT WAS EITHER YOU WERE TOO YOUNG OR I JUST DIDN'T LIKE YOUR DESCRIPTION! SORRY! xoxo stay strong and beautiful!


Breezy's POV


"CASSIE! LOUIS! HURRY UP! WE NEED TO GET TO COLLEGE!" I shouted from the stairs as they were messing around in the kitchen.


"Fine! If you want to get in trouble that's fine with me! I'm leaving you guys here!" I shout while walking down the stairs as Carrie stuffed my lunch into my bag.


"Bye!" I wave with a smile as they didn't listen, I walked out of the flat.


"Ouch!" Poppy grunted as she fell off of her bike. "OH MY GOD, POPPY ARE YOU OKAY!? DO WE NEED AN AMBULANCE!? OH MY GOD, GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!" I screamed as I frantically searched her pockets.


"Breezy! Calm down for one minute!" she said with a whole lot of annoyance in her voice.


I released my grip from her coat and helped her up.


"I'll drive you, just put your bike into my car." I whisper quietly as I opened the trunk of my car, she pushed it in and put the straps around her bike.


We both sat in my car and waited a couple of minutes if Louis and Carrie would get out of the flat already. "Alright! Guess we're leaving them!" Poppy shouts angrily, I put the key in the ignition and turn it.


The car roared loudly making Poppy cover her ears.



I was about to reverse out of the parking space until Louis and Carrie ran out with their bags, laughing. "WAIT! WAIT!" they both laughed as they opened the car door and piled in, closing the door afterwards.


"You know you guys could've gone faster?" Poppy shouted at them, getting annoyed.


"Sorry! We were just having fun!" Louis laughed, "Yeah, why don't you have fun with your other sister as well then? Huh?" that's what made Louis shut up.


"I'm driving now, put your seat belts on." I murmured as I reversed out of the lot and put my seat belt on.


I opened my window and put one arm on the open window space. "Hold onto your handles." I say as I was going to take a rough turn to the left.


I put my right hand under the wheel and turned it to the left making Louis and Cassie tumble to the left.


"Be careful of how you drive, Breeze!" Louis complained, "Well didn't you hear her say to put your seat belt on and hold onto your handles?!" Poppy exclaimed as my knuckles turned white.


"You know what? I'm tired of this, get out of the car." I parked at a random place somewhere and looked at my two siblings.


"Bu-" "SHE SAID GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR!" Poppy shouted at them, they both ran out of the car and started jogging towards the college.


After a couple of seconds I started to drive again.


"Okay, we're here. Let's get inside." I said quietly as I parked somewhere, Poppy grumbled and got out of the car, getting her bike out in the process.


I turned the ignition and the car rumbled down.


As I got out of the car, Louis and Cassie were already there.


(Okay, Breezy is younger than Louis here and Louis does not drive)


I took my books and walked beside Alex, "Hi Alex. My name is Breezy." I greet her with a small smile, Alex here has Dyslexia, and what I remember from Dyslexia is that it is possible that she has short termed memory.


"Hi Breezy! Don't worry, I still remember my friends." she laughs as I blush and hug her.


"Did you remember to bring a white coat for science?" I question she groans but then stops for a brief moment, "What's science?" she questions, "And why is the world green?" she panics.


"Cam down, Alex! This is just your Dyslexia working up! Calm down and sometime it'll stop." I calm her down, she nods and takes a deep breath.


"Hey guys! Who's talking? Lexi's talking! WHY AM I INSIDE OF YOUR HEAD!?" Lexi screamed, as she walked towards us.


"Alright, everyone, let's get inside before anyone notices us." I whisper a bit anxious.


"AND NOW THE DISORDERED GROUP JOINS THE BUILDING!" a random, buff guy exclaimed, pretending to hold a microphone as we entered the building.


Narrator's POV


The four girls kept their heads low as people began to laugh and throw rude comments about their disorders.


Poppy's face began to get red from the anger that she was bottling up, "I think you guys need to stop with the rude comments now, please." Alex says ditzily as the walls began to turn into a disgusting green color in her point of view.


"I'm sorry, what was that?" a girl said as she cupped her right here and began to move closer to the four girls with her large posse which included Carrie in it.


"I really think you should stop with the rude comments, please." Breezy said, fear known in her voice, "Stop the comments! Why are you talking? Because I thought I'd help you guys, don't hurt me!" Lexi ducked and covered her head.


"I'm sorry, I think we have the inability to comprehend what you just said." Carrie said, crossing her arms with a small grin, you must think, that was THE WORST comeback ever. Because it is.


But not to Louis or the other people in the building. "That was sick!" Louis laughed loudly as he high fived the youngest sister, Carrie.


"I can't hold back my anger much longer." Poppy warned, "Just leave it, Poppy." Breezy murmured with a warning tone, holding her friend's arm.


"So you're going to hurt us now?" Louis chuckled as Carrie rubbed her eyes to stop the laughing tears from her eyes.


"I bet you couldn't even hurt an ant." one of the guys taunted, Poppy turned around to face him, "And I bet that you couldn't even hit a fucking girl with a disorder." she taunted right back making people give 'oh snap's and 'oooh's.


"Do you wanna fucking go?!" he cussed, moving towards the tiny girl compared to him, Breezy walked in front of him and held a pair of scissors in her hand.


"I know I should be terrified of these right now, but look. I'm not going to let you hurt my friend, alright?" she says with a calm voice, but she was the only one who knew she was freaking out as everyone has eyes on her, even her two siblings.


"Go for it then, I know you won't do it." he pushed, she looked around his body frantically and stabbed him in the leg. The four girls screamed in horror but mostly Breezy and ran away and into their designated class.


"OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD." Lexi panicked, different voices coming out of her mouth.



"SSHHHHH." everyone quieted her down.
















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