Left with baby glitter (zoella & pointless blog sad story)

Zoe opens the door to get the post but stops when she looks and see's darcy (baby glitter)! she had a note in her hand. what has happened to louise? who is going to look after darcy?


1. Surprise on the doorstep


zoe had woken about 20 minutes ago, she had showered and was about to eat her breakfast when she thought she should go and check the post for her new glossybox that was arriving today. she trudged over the front door and unlocked it. she opened the door to step out when she banged into something. she looked down to see darcy standing there with tears running down her cheeks and a note in her hand. zoe looked shocked. she picked darcy up and went inside. she placed darcy on the sofa and sat next to her.
"darcy wheres mummy?" zoe asked
"gone" was all darcy said
"what do you mean gone?" darcy handed zoe a piece of folded up paper. on the front it said Dear Zoe

Dear Zoe

Im so sorry for bringing this upon you. by the time you read this i will be gone forever. zo i could not cope anymore. when matt, mum and dad passed away i thought that darcy was going to make it all better. it sounds so horrible but she made it worse. she reminded me of mum, dad and mostly matt. i could not live anymore. all the nasty comments on youtube, facebook and twitter about them made me feel depressed and angry with myself. you dont know how much i am upset. i wish i could live the rest of my life happy and joyful, but that cant happen now.there are 2 other reasons but i cant tell you. i have left darcy with you because you are the only ones she has. i want you to be her mother from now on and i want alfie to be her father. i know you and alfie arent on good terms at the moment but i want to you get along for darcys sake. i know you love him and he loves you but please settle your differences. i will be forever watching you, alfie and darcy and making sure you keep her happy and safe.
i will not tell you how i ended my miserable life but i dont want you to be upset. i have sent a letter to alfie aswell.
please make it work for me.
my funeral will be on tuesday 4th june at bath memorial hall at 2pm. its all sorted.
i love you zoe
from louise

p.s darcy's belongings are at alfies



zoe rushed to alfies after reading the letter. she loves alfie with all her heart and is going to make it work

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