Lonely wolf

My name is Sakura Namida, and I have a secret. A secret no one can know about. I have a 'great' life. Pretty normal if you ask me. But all of that is about to change. I'm going to go on my journey and find my life. Will I really do that? Or will I find something else.


6. The pink forest

I started eating on the deer, it didn’t taste that bad, but still not so good. I walked to the river to take some water, and to wash me. I’ll have to search around this place. Mabe I’ll find something usefull. I walked out of the cave and ran around in between the trees, and that’s the only thing that’s there. Trees, trees and even more trees. Some normal trees and some trees with pink flowers... Wait a minute. A tree with pink flowers? The woods  became a beautiful forest with pink flowered trees. All the flowers were blowing around in the wind, it was like a stone path trought the beautiful forest. I’ve never seen something such beautiful, ever before. I walked carefully  on the path, and I was just looking around on all the flowers that fell from the trees to the ground. Everything was so bright  and the grass was really green and bright new. Like someone have taken care of it. All those trees, where did they came from? I’ve never seen such trees before. I’ve never heard about them either. The branches of the trees were full of flowers. It was so beautiful. And the ground were all covered in pink flowers. And some parts of the stone path were also covered in flowers. 

I walked longer in into the forest, still walking on the path. These trees, what are they called? Do they even have a name? Is there someone living here? If there are, have that someone grown them here? It’s a wierd thought, that someone would live here and planting trees. Does anyone care about the nature anymore at all? But, these can’t started growing by themselves. Which means, someone has been here, planting them. It must have been a very kind-hearted person, such people don’t exist anymore. I would love to met that person. If he or probably she, must be so kind. 

Why am I thinking like this? Why do you have to be that far? When I need you here beside me. I need company, I don’t wanna be alone anymore. “ Just give me a sign. To tell me where you are. “ I sat down on the ground, and almost started crying. I recognise it now, my clothes have changed. I’m wearing a dress, a pink dress with a black band around the waist. And on the side it was a bow in black to. I can’t remember me changing, how did I get in this dress? My tears was gone now, but I could still feel the tears was ready to come. I stood up, brushed away the flowers and turned around. There was a small house there now. Am I brave enough to walk there? The one that lives there might be angry if he or she, sees me here. 

She, or he might kill me. But, what do I really have to lose? 
I started walking to the house and stoped almost right in front of it. What is that smell? It became stronger and stronger. Who or what is it? It makes me crazy, I can’t get enough of it! It’s not familiar, I have never felt the scent before. Where is it coming from? I spun around to search around me. But when I was on my second lap and halfway around, I saw him.

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