Lonely wolf

My name is Sakura Namida, and I have a secret. A secret no one can know about. I have a 'great' life. Pretty normal if you ask me. But all of that is about to change. I'm going to go on my journey and find my life. Will I really do that? Or will I find something else.


4. Mysterious shadow

When I woke up I wasn’t in the cave. I was somewhere outside, somewhere not that far, but still not in the cave. Can't it just stop! I hate waking up somewhere else than where I fell asleep. It’s so ennoying! 
I started walking to the cave again to take one of the chickens I got yesterday. But on the way I saw something between the trees, something small but still big. To small to be a bear to big to be an animal, more lika a human. “ Hello? Who’s there? “ I started walking to it, but then it was gone.  What did a human do here, in the woods? It’s to dangerous out here, bears, wolves... werewolves. No one should be here at all, they can get killed! Even if they have a weapon, you can’t stop a werewolf. They do as they want. Don’t listen to anybody, except the one they’ve 
chosen. Only they can stop them. If a werewolf chose someone, then they’ll never let anything happen to that person. Anything! 
I saw the cave now, and the was the shadow again! Is it following me? I looked behind me and there was nothing there, nowhere, the shadow was gone for now. Why is it following me? What does it want? Who is it? What is it? So many questions, so little time. I hope it don’t wanna hurt me, even if it can’t. It might fool me in some way, I can’t let that happen. I have to keep it away from me. But how? 
I don’t know how to scare a shadow, do they really even exist? Is it just me, that creates illusions? To keep me searching for something, or to give me company? I’ll just have to keep my mind clear, clear from all these illusions and all these voices in my head. 
There’s so many voices in my head, there’s no escape, these walls was mabe by my head. Somehow, I don’t really know what I’m thinking about. 
I’m just standing in the middle of the cave, and just looking at the shadow between the trees. And I discover it now. It stands there, looking at me. Not doing anything. Just watching, waiting, waiting for me to do something. Wondering what I do, wonder what I’m thinking. I, who just stands there, completly empty in my eyes. Not even knowing it’s there. I started walking towards it, and as usual it was gone. I decided to start eating instead. I’ll need it. I’ll need the powers for later, I’m going to look around a little bit. And find a water source, of some kind. 
I started walking towards the smell, the noice, and the plangent water. Guess what I found, I found the shadow again. Still watching, looking, waiting, hoping. Or, was it a sign? A sign that said ‘follow me, follow me to a wonderful place’. Mabe it was like that, it wanted me to follow it. It disappeared so that I didn’t get to close, and so it could show me where to go next. It’s mabe helping me through this jurney. Or is it just fooling me? Fooling me into a trap, a trap where no one ever wanna be captured in. But I can’t say for sure. I don’t know anything about shadows, or illusions. Is everything really only in my head? Or is it reality? I didn’t care about it this time, continued walking. And there was the river I heard before, it was shimmering in the sun. It was beautiful, I drank and started searching around the river for fruit or something like that. It was dark outside now. I am going to eat a chicken later. I really didn’t find anything useful, so I started walking home. To my cave, in the woods. It was depressing to think about, me, being all alone.


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