Lonely wolf

My name is Sakura Namida, and I have a secret. A secret no one can know about. I have a 'great' life. Pretty normal if you ask me. But all of that is about to change. I'm going to go on my journey and find my life. Will I really do that? Or will I find something else.


5. Am I crazy?

I don’t know what’s happening to me. I have been here almost two days, and I’m already freakin’ out. I’m almost running around in the cave now, don’t know what to do. Am I getting crazy? Mabe I have been alone way to long. I really hope it doesn’t change my mood. I started eating on a chicken and saw that I only had one left. I had to find some more, mabe a deer. If there are any here at all, I’ve almost never seen one in real life. Only the skin of it, and some paintings. I think I saw a glimpse of one onetime. This is great, I don’t think about it anymore. 

“ What is this feeling I have? It feels like, I’m protected. Protected by someone, someone that’s close. Very close, like almost here beside me. “ I looked around me, but there was nothing there. Am I really starting to get crazy, or is it really someone here and protecting me? I don’t know, and I don’t know if I wanna know it either. But I guess I just miss being with someone, being with someone and just talk. Talk about something, something at all. I must find something to eat! I walked out of the cave and actually saw a deer, a real deer. What was it doing here, next to my cave? Is it an illusion? Or is it real? I have to take the chanse to try while it’s here. At least it can’t hurt to try. Or does it? I jumped on it as fast as I could, and got it. I stabbed it in the neck, it was a killing bite. As no one would’ve survived. It lay there, lifeless on the ground. Its eyes staring completly empty on the blue sky, just staring in the empty air. It was terrible to look at. “ What have I done? It had a whole life in front of it. But I guess I also have a life in front of me. It an easy target, that’s all. It was my target and my food. Everyone has to die someday. “ I took a deap breath. “ It was your time now. “ I closed its eyes, and started carry it in to the cave. I put it far in to the cave so it was safer from other animals. Why do I think so much about that deer? It feels like I’ve seen it somewhere before, or like if I knew it as a person. That’s it! I’m crazy. Tomorrow I have to get out and look around a little bit, to get me on other thoughts. I took some water at the river and then walked home, I took the last chicken and then went to sleep.

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