Behind The Camera, Before He Was In The Light

When filming a movie, a camera man can become so much more. This camera man is proof enough of that.


2. Promotions


The Director, Jason Denim, walked in and yelled "Actors front and center!" All the actors walked over to him. "Ok, today we are shooting the scene in the theater, where Walter is tided to the chair, and the killer, Quinn, is filming a large pendulum swing around above him. Quinn has a odd obsession with theater productions, why?" He looks around at the people who were playing parts, not even Jeff Heister(Who is playing the villain, Quinn) knew. Tony sighed, stood and started to set up his camera.

"Come on, who knows?" Mr. Denim asked again.

"He is obsessed with theater because when he was a child he tried out for multiple plays and school performances but never got it. Then in collage, he went to a theater study collage and they kicked him out. I believe it was because he was to 'ordinary' looking." Tony resided, from memory.

Mr. Denim looked up and yelled "Who are you, man?"

Tony stood to his full height of 7 foot 8 inches. Mr. Denim looked him over. "I'm the camera man. Tony DeFazio. Antony DeFazio."

"How did you know that?" Mr. Denim walked over to him.

"I know it because all cast and crew get a script, crew so we know where to be and when. I always memorize the entire thing. When they are going over lines I correct them. When they are in the wrong spot I am able to fix the shooting. The head Camera Man has no clue what goes on, I do. I make sure everyone knows what's going on and where they are supposed to be. I plan out who dose what. When someone has to take a day off, they come to me. I am the Camera Man." Tony didn't say this with arrogance or anything, he simply stated fact.

Mr. Denim realized that this was simple fact. Ben was standing off to the side, Denim pointed at him. "You! Is this true?" Ben nodded.

"SEAN! Here, NOW!" Denim yelled, Sean appeared, his shirt and hair mussed. "Yes, sir?"

"Why is this man here?" He pointed at Tony.

Sean smiled a cruel smile, "He's here because he is a looser who doesn't have a life, and I took his wife." Normally Denim would laugh and smile, now his frown deepened.

"Sir? What he says is true. Ask any of the crew, everyone comes to Tony for help, weather its time off, or just they need help cleaning their camera lens. Tony is the person who keeps this movie going." Tony looked at the speaker, it was Sheera. The only female camera operator he knew. She nodded at him, he smiled in return.

Denim turned to Sheera. He looked at Sean, who was hurriedly tucking in his shirt. "Fred, remember what I said about I needed to cut someone?" His secretary nodded.

"Well, I think I know who it is." He placed his hand on Tony's shoulder. "Tony, I think you are......" Everyone was silent, they all looked intensely at Jason Denim. "I think you are getting a promotion. Sean, your fired, and who ever you were messing around with is fired to. Tony, your taking over Sean's position of Lead Camera Man. His second was Dean or something, he hast showed up, so he's fired too. Choose your second. They will do what you say, run errands, help you make rounds. Who do you choose?"

Tony looked over at Ben, his little friend would never do good at that stuff, but he had to ask "Is their a pay raise for that?" Denim frowned. "No, you get the same pay, why?"

"My friend needs money for bills, but I don't think he would do good under the pressure, but I just wanted to be sure. I think my second will be..." Ben sighed in relief. He would die under that pressure. Tony looked around. Sheera had walked a short distance away.

A grin broke out over his face. "Hay, Sheera, where are you going? I need my second near me!" She turned and gasp at him. "Tone, you for real?"

"Sheer, would I lie to you?" Sheera smiled and shook her head. "Nope, so, when do I start?"

"Lets say, five minuets ago, get to work. I need this pack of lazy bones moving, getting in place! Move it people, get to your sections, check your cameras, clean lenses. GO!" His voice echoed faintly. A second passed and every man with a camera ran to get going.

Denim laughed and patted him on the back. "You might not be doing much camera work, I might need your help with lines and placement of actors." Tony shook his head. "Nope, I do camera work. If I see a problem I'll point it out. I do have something to report though."

Denim nodded and yelled "Actors, to your places, crew, someone tie Walter to the chair, get the pendulum set! Quinn, stand off stage! What?"

"Well, some of the actors are kind of mean to my camera men, and women. And we aren't allowed to eat from the tables. I want both things fixed." Denim nodded and gestured a security guard over.

"Let the crew, everyone, eat from the tables from now on, ok? Good. DeFazio, I'll speak to my actors. Now, get to work." Tony nodded and ran over to the stage, where they were tying Walter(The actor playing 'Walter' was Hank Oakes.) to a chair.

"No, No, they chair is supposed to be center stage, which it over here. Sheer, Tape!" Sheera tossed a roll of masking tape up to him from where she was helping a newer camera man clean out the camera. He smiled at her, she returned the grin.

Taking a strip from the roll he placed it on the floor. He pointed to it. "This is directly center stage. When the script says 'center stage' I want it to be directly center stage. As a reminder the trap door is four feet back from center. Never put anything over the door unless it is ordered. Thank you." Everyone nodded and moved the chair.

Tony jumped off the stage and picked up his camera and placed it on its stand. Sheera walked over. "Everyone in place. Who is going to take Sean's camera? Dean's was taken over by George."

Tony thought. "You or Ben can take it and put a trainee on yours or bens, you two have easy angles. The close ups are hard. I think you should take it, you have the skill, and you know it, right?" She nodded. "And, spread the word, we get Table privileges now, I asked Denim and he said it was allowed from now on."

"Sweet, I forgot my lunch!" She high fived him and went to set up a trainee on her camera, she only took the opening and closing shots of the scene, both relatively easy. Any newbie could handle it. She went over to Sean's camera stage and swore.

Tony ran over. The assistant, or one of them, called out "Two minuets, two minuets"

"What, sheer?"

"Sean's camera is covered in shit! Now we know why all his shots sucked." Tony got an idea. "Ben." He whispered.

"What?" Sheera asked.

"BEN! Here, now!" Ben came running, "Yeah, boss man?"

"Run, as fast as you can, to the camera closet. Grab a camera, any one. Hurry, we have a minuet." Ben nodded and took off.

"I cant handle a old camera, I haven't been trained!" Sheera exclaimed.

"I know." Tony said and walked away.

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