Abused...( A Harry Styles Fanfiction) ©

I never really understood what i did wrong, what i did to deserve a life like this...
I feel like cutting it loose sometimes, but that's what others do, and i'm not like others. I have hope. My life may be terrible right now, but things change; some for the best and others...not so much...My life is weird, but it's mine and no-one can snatch that away from me...

If you enjoy stories with suspense, unexpected plot twists, drama, love and realism...then you've picked the right story! cx


11. Chapter 9

I strolled out of the house, breathing in the cool, crisp winter air, whilst my hair flew back, making shivers crawl down my spine. I shoved both my hands into my pockets and just looked around. Looked around, and watched, watched the place i live in, just because i felt like it. I carried on walking, day dreaming ahead at the road that was slowly coming closer until i bumped into an old man, trying to move his bin from the middle of the street. Guess the wind blew it. I would have helped him, but he was already done so i just carried on walking ahead. My feet met the edge of the road and i looked straight ahead at the old corner shop Lyric and i used to go to during summer. It was an ice cream shop. Helens’ ice cream shop. We used to head on down there during summer, and sneak in during winter because our parents always used to lecture us about not eating ice cream in winter. But who cares, it’s not like i give a poo about what my mum thinks, and my dad...he can just leave it. He’s not even around to know what’s going on. God knows where he is, probably trying to find a job, he was bad at trying to do that.

I walked into the ice cream shop, and sat there, on the seat by the window. Then Helen came over.

“Scarlett...is that you?”She bent down, trying to get a better look. I just simply looked up.”Where were you all this time, i mean, i haven’t seen you walk out of that house for a while now!” I didn’t feel like giving anyone a long description about anything, it requires effort, and right now, effort isn’t something i want to give. So i came up with some petty reason for not seeing her and not coming out. You know the usual excuse like ‘i was busy’ or ‘couldn’t find the time’. The conversation soon ended and i was able to walk out.

I felt like escaping...not from the world, like death and stuff. Just from this area of the world. I looked straight ahead to see the bus slowly pulling up for any passengers. My hands fiddled around in my pocket for some loose change hanging in there. Just enough. I stepped onto the bus, taking my time, and gave the money to the bus driver who seemed sort of old for the job, and he simply exchanged it for a ticket. I walked over to the end of the bus, dragging my feet across it because-like i said before-i don’t want to put in any needless effort.

A while later, an hour maybe two...i reached an unknown destination. I wouldn’t have stopped the bus and gotten out but i had to. The bus drive kicked me out. I would have said something back to him, because kicking a passenger out? Now that’s rude, but i let it slide by...he looked old and tired so he was excused.

I hopped out of the bus only to come face to face with someone. Someone who i wasn’t expecting to see...Someone who i had originally thought had left the country. Lyric. What was she doing here?




Filler chapter...better stuff is coming soon. I finally have it planned out for the next couple of chapters! woo!

And...uh...i had exams and all..so...sorry for not updating and all cx


Thank youuuuuu! Love ya lots :3

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