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I never really understood what i did wrong, what i did to deserve a life like this...
I feel like cutting it loose sometimes, but that's what others do, and i'm not like others. I have hope. My life may be terrible right now, but things change; some for the best and others...not so much...My life is weird, but it's mine and no-one can snatch that away from me...

If you enjoy stories with suspense, unexpected plot twists, drama, love and realism...then you've picked the right story! cx


9. Chapter 7

He swiftly cleaned all the dry blood off of my arms and packed away the first aid box. Just as he was about to get up, he sat back down.

 “I’m sorry” i burst-ed out. It happened a lot when i was with him. May only have been a few times but i sure did burst out random things.

“I’m sorry; i didn’t mean to shout at you before. I understand that you were helping me and now i definitely understand that what you are doing is not entirely your own choice otherwise you wouldn’t have this first aid box out and you wouldn’t be cleaning up my mess. I am truly sorry for everything. I never meant to call you all those things, i had no right. As soon as you left i had realised, that what i had done was exactly what my mother does to me...apart from the hitting part of course. I-“

“It’s fine” that was all he said before he got up and left. There is something about him, something i can’t quite put my finger on. Something different, unique, and mysterious you could say. But one thing i really don’t understand is why he’s here, as in helping my mother when he said that he feels ‘guilty’. It makes no sense. No sense at all.

An hour went by, again, just as boring as the rest. I was feeling rather peckish so decided to head on downstairs to get something to eat. I haven’t been down since i was kidnapped which was quite some time ago.

I walked out of my bedroom and down the hallway that was filled with my dad’s photographs, neatly hung up in posh, antique frames. I was wearing shorts and a top like normal, so all the bruises on my legs and arms were on full show, but could i give a poo? Of course not, i mean i was kidnapped, beaten i think the least of my worries is how i look! I strolled down the carpet covered stairs, as i came towards the end, my feet came into contact with the cold wooden surface on the ground; sending shivers down my spine.

I made my way into the kitchen and sat there on a tall stool. As i was coming down the stairs i had smelt something, something strangely familiar and now i know what it is. Fish and chips. Mother used to make it when we were a family, before dad left.

Harry stood there, aimlessly looking around for the plates to serve the food in. I got up, thinking this was a good time to show an act of kindness. I walked out and opened up the cupboard that held the plates. I took out one because i didn’t know if he was making it for himself or for the both of us. But i guess he was making it for both because just as i set the plate down he grabbed another one and placed it right next to it.

“It’s for both of us, hope you like fish and chips” Harry said, not bringing up my mother or any of the other drama that had taken place before. Thank goodness for that.

“Thanks and yeah its fine” i said, while closing the cupboard.

“So about before...” and here it goes... i knew he was going to bring it up. Always happens, even in the movies. You think it’s over and BAM it comes and bites you in the backside.

“I am not going to hit you or do any of the crap that your mother told me to do. No, just no. I’m not hitting a girl and I’m not going to replace her either. So while she is gone i am going to treat you like i would treat anyone else and i am going to try and help”.



- Just realised what a big lie my last author's note was. I am so sorry. I have been super busy and i am not going to bundle you with everything. So here is the next chapter. Its not much because, if you didn't already realise, i am making this p as i go along Cx

And yes, fish and chips, it tastes good and i am just about to eat some so yeahh...


Keep reminding me to update if i forget pleeeease! Thanks c:

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