Abused...( A Harry Styles Fanfiction) ©

I never really understood what i did wrong, what i did to deserve a life like this...
I feel like cutting it loose sometimes, but that's what others do, and i'm not like others. I have hope. My life may be terrible right now, but things change; some for the best and others...not so much...My life is weird, but it's mine and no-one can snatch that away from me...

If you enjoy stories with suspense, unexpected plot twists, drama, love and realism...then you've picked the right story! cx


4. Chapter 3

“So you decided to return...” My mother spoke in a sickening tone. She really was something. “Actually, for your information i didn’t return. I was kidnapped by one of your slave workers!” I spoke, rather loudly too. I don’t normally speak to that woman standing in front of me like that but today was different. I was feeling confident so i spoke up and defended myself. “Don’t you speak to me like that young lady! You have no right to speak to your mother in that tone; you worthless child!” She slapped me across the face after her outburst. I think i had pushed one too many buttons. “You don’t deserve to live you cow! You caused this. This is all your doing...You are the reason for your dad leaving us. You are the cause of my pain and i will not stop till i have caused you all the pain in the world!” Slap! She slapped me constantly for a good 10 minutes without taking a break. My cheek was throbbing with pain, so much that my cheek had gone numb and I am pretty sure that my cheek is now red from the slap fit that just took place.

I looked down not prepared to look up into her evil eyes and take in her vile poison. A few seconds went by and nothing happened, i was almost sure that she had stopped but i was most definitely wrong. “You. Are. Not. Worth. Hitting. But. I. Am. Still. Going. To . do. It. For. Fun!” She shouted smacking me with the metal pipe that she kept in the corner of my bedroom after every word she said. She hit me on my head, my back, my stomach, my legs, my arms, everywhere you could possibly imagine. There were sure to be bruises left from that. I felt tears burn down my cheeks. I hated this, being weak; it just gave the other person (in this case my mother) full satisfaction that she had caused me pain. I looked up to see her smirking that same old disgusting smirk after a beating and stroll away down the hallway...

It was around 9pm now, she hadn’t returned, thank God for that. I hate to think what she would have done to me if she came back up... I was starving; i could hear the quite grumbles of my stomach, groaning and moaning for some food. I am used to eating less food but there is so much one can take and this was my limit! Pictures of tasty and desirable food popped up into my head making my mouth water, this was definitely not helping. I sat there thinking about what i had done to deserve a life like this. I mean, i was a good kid. I got the grades, i never disobeyed my parents (apart from once when my best friend, Clara begged me to go to her sleepover and i snuck out of the house. Now that was one heck of a night!) Except for that i was like a golden child. You know the stereo typical type from the films but just a tad bit different because you know...it’s me, not them and everyone is different and unique in their own special way.



Okay this is the next chapter. It is shorter than the other two so i am going to put up the next chapter in a little bit! Thanks for reading and i hope you continue. Don't forget to COMMENT!

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