Abused...( A Harry Styles Fanfiction) ©

I never really understood what i did wrong, what i did to deserve a life like this...
I feel like cutting it loose sometimes, but that's what others do, and i'm not like others. I have hope. My life may be terrible right now, but things change; some for the best and others...not so much...My life is weird, but it's mine and no-one can snatch that away from me...

If you enjoy stories with suspense, unexpected plot twists, drama, love and realism...then you've picked the right story! cx


3. Chapter 2

I tried to get up; but my body refused to budge. I knew this would happen, i knew she had some sort of evil plan up her sleeve; and i knew i would be the victim of this plan. I just didn’t think it would happen this fast. I mean, seriously, that woman works fast. I was just hoping that maybe a few months would go by, i might find someone, we might get married. Have kids and live happily ever after...then die and never have to see the woman who made my life hell ever again. Simple plan really. As you can tell i read a lot of fairytales when i was younger. Don’t judge!

My head began to hurt and my heart was beating way too fast for my liking. I looked to my right to see the boy was still there. “Straight away? Okay...” he mumbled into the phone. He looked slightly unsure while talking. But what was he talking about? I’d like to be notified pleased! It was really frustrating no knowing what was going on. The brow haired boy grabbed my arm with a tight grip and yanked me off the bench. He pulled me over to a white van and shoved me in the back. Of course i didn’t just sit there and wait to meet my doom; instead i started banging the van from the inside in hope to get some attention. I got attention but of the wrong guy...

The man who works alongside my so called mum opened the door. “Do i have to!” he was whining. I think he was talking to my mother. He removed the phone from his right ear and slid it into his back pocket. I finally got a proper look at him. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a Rolling Stones tee. “You are such a handful, you are!” he said. He waited a few seconds before continuing. “Your mum doesn’t really like you, you know” No! I didn’t know! He was a smart one obviously (note the sarcasm). “But a man has got to do what a man has got to do,” he sighed. “I just wish that, that man wasn’t me...” i heard him whisper. Aww, sudden sympathy poured into me for him. But i was still kind of annoyed that he was kidnapping me and taking me to my death in a white van. I mean, if you want to kidnap me; then do it in style! I want to be known as the girl in the snazzy vehicle being kidnapped you know! BANG!

I woke up after a little while. What had happened? Last time i checked i was in a white van; not some dull creepy room, oh wait. It’s my bedroom. False alarm! My head was throbbing in pain; i guess that stupid boy had smacked me with something. No. Way. This is not happening; he did not just do this. He brought me back to mother! It’s my fault, i shouldn’t have run away. It’s like running away from life, you can’t do that because without life you are dead and if you try to run away life will always be chasing you. That is until it gives up and lets you die; but my life is obviously not prepared or willing to do such a thing therefore i am back. In my bedroom. Ready to suffer from the immense amount of pain that my very own mother is bound to cause.

I sat up and took my surroundings in. My room seemed different, i don’t know why; but it did and i have a bad feeling about this difference so nothing good will come out of it... I tried to stand up but soon realised that my feet were tied up as were my hands. They were tied up so fast that blood was oozing down my ankle and my wrist. It hurt; but it relaxed my emotional pain. By saying something like this you would think that i was suicidal; but I’m not. I don’t believe in suicide. It is wrong, no one should be even thinking about suicide because something good always comes to those who wait. Therefore i waited, but my impatience took me over and forced me to run and look where that bought me. Back here, in my lonesome bedroom. If you try to run from fate then life will punish you...that is what i have learnt from my little escape trip to the park today. Not doing that again!

My head suddenly jerked up from the sound of footsteps getting louder and louder. Closer and closer. I’m silently praying to God that the person walking up is not my mother. But of course God did not listen to my prayers and bought the demon back. Lord, help me through this torture.



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By the way i am really happy for Zerrie. I hope they stick together forever and ever! <3

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