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I never really understood what i did wrong, what i did to deserve a life like this...
I feel like cutting it loose sometimes, but that's what others do, and i'm not like others. I have hope. My life may be terrible right now, but things change; some for the best and others...not so much...My life is weird, but it's mine and no-one can snatch that away from me...

If you enjoy stories with suspense, unexpected plot twists, drama, love and realism...then you've picked the right story! cx


14. Chapter 12

Sorry for not updating in so long. I've been really buy, so sorry once again!

Hope you like this chapter because this story is about to take many twists and turns!

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Chapter 12

It’s 1 in the afternoon now and all I’ve been doing is sitting in my room. Mum’s gone which means that I can do what I want. I know that what happened last time isn’t really an invitation to go out again but who the hell cares!

I went back over to the ice cream shop and met Helen. We spoke, we ate. Noting interesting really happened until Lyric walked in.

“Heeyyyy” I said, walking over to hug her.

“Heyo! How’ve you been?” she asked

“Good. Good, you?”

“I’m great but you look horrible!”

“Thanks that’s always what I want to hear” I spoke, sarcasm clearly noticeable

Again, just like yesterday we caught up to everything that we had missed; but this time Lyric was acting strange…She kept looking down at her phone and sort of panicking? I don’t know why but I know her well enough to know something is up.

“Umm, I have to go soon…my…um, dad is picking me up…” he voice was quiet, barely audible. The complete opposite of what she normally is.

She was about to get up when I saw her look towards the small glass door of the shop and freeze. Of course, like any other person I was confused and had no idea about what was going on till’ I turned around.

That’s when everything hit me. The sky suddenly seemed to be getting dull and my hand began to get clammy. He was here. Him. Out of all people, this man. One that I’ve known for almost all my life. One that not only created, my life…but also destroyed it.

“Lyric darling we’ve got to go” The man spoke. Wait…let’s rephrase that. My dad spoke.

I suddenly shot up from my seat. The sudden rush making me feel dizzy; but at this moment. I couldn’t care.

How could he be in this country? In this area, and not even check on me?! Howwww?

I watched as Lyric walked on over right next to him and apologised.

It all clicked in. Lyric being uncomfortable and nervous. Her having to leave soon because her dad was here. It all made sense! It all damn well made sense!

“Scarlett…listen. I was-“ Lyric began, but I was quick to cut her off.

“You what? Were going to tell me? Is that what you’re about to say? Don’t give ma all that RUBBISH LYRIC! YOU’VE BEEN HIDING THIS! This whole time…THIS WHOLE TIME!” I yelled. Not caring about how much attention this was bringing.

“I thought you told her already. Gosh Lyric can you ever do anything right!” I heard the man, whom I dare call father, whisper. An annoyed tone obvious.

“Look. Scarlett. I swear I was going to tell you. All of it, but I couldn’t bring myself to it” Lyric the almighty once again began

“Just, just shut up! Please! Stop pulling my leg! Stop acting all of this out. It’s probably tiring you. Not to mention how pathetic it is to watch. You lied to me. Wait, not lie…betrayed. You betrayed me Lyric, and that’s not cool. I seriously can’t believe that you out of all people, after knowing everything, would actually do this to me. Just stop this facade”

There was a moment of silence. A long moment, and then what I heard next was something that REALLY bought me to reality…

“You’re right Scarlett” Lyric began, a sly smirk plastered across her face. “It really is tiring to act…"

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