The real them (pretty little liars)

You know them from the hit show Pretty Little Liars. But who are they really? Is Troian, the girl you know as Spencer really a high classed perfectionist? Is Lucy, otherwise known as Aria really that imaginative artist? Does Ashley, the girl called Hannah really a bulimic that tries to be perfect? Is Shay, or Emily really a swimmer with more heartbreaks than imaginable? Well when a gossip celebrity newspaper company sends Ellie to find out, secrets will come out. (for the What Happens Back Stage contest)


11. Memories floating away

The Real Them:

Memories floating away


Lucy's POV:

I stare down at her lifeless body. I can't believe it happened this way. She never deserved this. The doctor quietly walks into the room and all of a sudden her machines start wailing. No. No. No This can't be happening! Nurses run into the room, pushing me out.

Five minutes later a nurse comes out looking worn, and sorrowed. She doesn't even look me in the eye when she says, "She's dead."


*one hour earlier*

Troian's being such a bitch. She won't talk to any of us, she won't even be in the same room! All because we defended Ellie. She really needs to get over her grudge against El, the show is about to start up again.

I set down my fork, look at Troian and frown. She just stares down at her plate shooting it icy glares, keeping her from a rude comment on one of us. You can easily tell how guilty Ellie feels, because she keeps biting her lip and looking all around.

"I'm thinking of quitting the show. I can't pretend to be perfectly okay with the three girls who betrayed me." Troian says all of a sudden. Everyone stares at her, mouths ajar.

"WHAT!" I exclaim.

"It's all my fault. I'm sorry, I should leave. Stay in the show." Ellie says getting up. She runs out of the house, into the street. Suddenly a large truck appears and hits Ellie straight on. A scream fills the air. Other than that I can't hear or feel a thing. I'm frozen in place as the truck makes Ellie soar into the sky and make a bone-crunching thud.

The three other girls run into different directions; one to Ellie, one inside to call 911, one to help me. But I can't do anything. I just saw my best friend since forever get hit by a truck while I stand around like a dumbass.



*Ellie's POV before the accident*

I run into the street, guilt taking over my body. It's my fault they are fighting. My fault Troian is quitting the show All my fault.

I start walking out of the street just to be met with a sharp pain in my side, then taking over my whole body.

What happened?

Then I black out.


I wake up in a plain white room, with two doors; a black one and a white one. I see my grandma, who died of cancer two years ago, my father, who died of a fire, and lastly my brother Jake who also died in the fire a year ago.

"Where am I?" I try to ask but nothing comes out.

'Hello, sweetie. It's okay. You're just in a coma. You have a choice come with us or go back to life. Either are perfect to chose." My grannie smiles.

"I missed you." My brother says grinning.

"I missed you guys too." Warmth fills me. I can finally be with them again.

"So what's your chose?" My father ask warmly.

"I'm going with you." And with that my brother and father grab my hands, and we walk over to the white door. Here I go..Huh I guess Ms. Eliot will never find out how the girls really are. She'll never know the real them.

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