The real them (pretty little liars)

You know them from the hit show Pretty Little Liars. But who are they really? Is Troian, the girl you know as Spencer really a high classed perfectionist? Is Lucy, otherwise known as Aria really that imaginative artist? Does Ashley, the girl called Hannah really a bulimic that tries to be perfect? Is Shay, or Emily really a swimmer with more heartbreaks than imaginable? Well when a gossip celebrity newspaper company sends Ellie to find out, secrets will come out. (for the What Happens Back Stage contest)


6. Ice cream world war

The real them:

Ice Cream World War


Ellie's POV:

*next day*

Shay, Ashley, Lucy and I get to our home. We all grab my boxes and bring them into my new room. All the bedrooms are like Ashley's and Lucy's with the main colors different. My main color is Caribbean blue.

We play Ed Sheeran's cd '+' softly while unpacking. After four hours we finish.

"Let's have a movie night!" Shay says.

"What movie first?" Lucy ask.

"Umm TOY STORY!" I shout. They agree and we walk downstairs to the kitchen. We raid the cabinets to find sweets. We get out everything we need for ice cream sundaes including twenty five toppings.

I get chocolate ice-cream, gummy bears, chocolate chips, gummy worms, marshmallows, and well basically everything there with millions of calories. As I put a cherry on top I feel something hit my shoulder. I look down to see a gummy bear.

I look at the girls and see Ashley trying to pull off an innocent face. I smile widely, grab a can of whip cream then spray it at her. Lucy grabs a bag of marshmallows and starts throwing it at random people. Shay gets chocolate syrup and dumps it in Ashley's hair.

I grab a new full can of whip cream and aim this one at Lucy. It ends up all over her face. Just then Troian walks in with her nose in the air. She looks at us in disgust.

"What are you losers doing?" She squeals.

"What does it look like?" Ashley smiles at her. Troian rolls her eyes.

"Clean it up." And with that she walks out. The four of us look at each other then burst out laughing. We pick up our bowls and walk into the movie theater room. I put in Toy Story.

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