The real them (pretty little liars)

You know them from the hit show Pretty Little Liars. But who are they really? Is Troian, the girl you know as Spencer really a high classed perfectionist? Is Lucy, otherwise known as Aria really that imaginative artist? Does Ashley, the girl called Hannah really a bulimic that tries to be perfect? Is Shay, or Emily really a swimmer with more heartbreaks than imaginable? Well when a gossip celebrity newspaper company sends Ellie to find out, secrets will come out. (for the What Happens Back Stage contest)


7. Fat cows and waterparks

The real them:

fat cows and waterparks


Ellie's POV:

I wake up the next day to the sun shining through my window. Wait. Where am I? I look around the notice I'm at my new house. Living with the people I'm surpassed to basically ruin with my job. Maybe I should just quit my job and get a new one. Hmmm..

I skip down the stairs and into the kitchen to see Shay making breakfast.

"Yummy!" I squeal and plop down in a seat. Food!!! Shay laughs at me and gives me a plate with a stack of pancakes. Troian walks in and looks at my plate.

"Eww. You're already fat enough, you don't need all those sugar infested pancakes. Lose some weight." Troian rolls her eyes. Tears fill my eyes. When I was younger I was always bullied. They always said the same thing. And that I was ugly and a bunch of twisted things.

"TROIAN!" Shay squeaks shocked. "Shut the fuck up! Just because you don't like her means you have to be a bitch!"

"Well maybe a lying cow shouldn't be living with us." And with that the Queen Ass leaves the room.

"I'm sorry about her." Shay apologizes.

"It's fine. I wasn't hungry anyways." I fake a smile. The other two girls walk downstairs talking about this waterpark.

"Yeah! It just opened!" Lucy squeals.

"Let's go!" Ashley smiles.


So that's how I ended up in a car riding with a girl who hates me, her boyfriend, and three very exited girls for a hour.

When we get there all the girls and Keegan quickly take off their over clothes to reveal perfect fit bodies. I get self conscious and sit in a plastic with my clothes still on.

"Come on El!" Lucy splashes me from the pool.

"I'm fine." I give her a small forced smile. The girls won't take no for an answer and get out the pool to attempt to pull me in.

"NO!" I say. I'm too fat.

"Yes gurl work dat body!!" Ashley attempts to say in a ghetto voice. It fail. Miserably. Then I feel coldness surround my body. I quickly come up.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I yell at the three girls standing above me smirking. I get out and sit back in my spot. So the girls decide to take off my clothes.

"NO!" I yell.

"YES!" They yells back. They take off my clothes to reveal my plain white string bikini. We al jump in the pool and splash around, squealing, receiving glares from parents there.

Suck for them biotches!




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