The real them (pretty little liars)

You know them from the hit show Pretty Little Liars. But who are they really? Is Troian, the girl you know as Spencer really a high classed perfectionist? Is Lucy, otherwise known as Aria really that imaginative artist? Does Ashley, the girl called Hannah really a bulimic that tries to be perfect? Is Shay, or Emily really a swimmer with more heartbreaks than imaginable? Well when a gossip celebrity newspaper company sends Ellie to find out, secrets will come out. (for the What Happens Back Stage contest)



The real them:



Ellie's POV:

I lay in my bed reading 'Unremembered' by Jessica Brody (it's an amazing book, check it out!) later that day. Suddenly I hear a knock at my door.

"COME IN!" I yell. The door opens to reveal Keegan. Shirtless. Holy shit..

"Hey, you busy?" He ask.

"Nope." I give him a smile. He sits on my bed, right next to me really close. A little too close. I try to move away but he puts a gripping hand on my thigh.

"Are you okay?" I ask a little scared. He doesn't say anything, just keeps staring at me. Out of no where he crashes his lips on mine.


I push him off and run downstairs.

"You look like you've seen a ghost El." Lucy jokes. Shay and Ashley laugh at this, and I fake chuckle.

"Dinner is ready!" Troian yells from the kitchen. We all walk to the table. I sit down and serve myself a serving of spaghetti. Keegan sits next to me and Troian sits next to him.

The couple hold hands and make a conversation about some vacation they went on in Greece. Shay, Ashley, and Lucy gossip about some of their friends. I sit there awkwardly with Keegan's hand firmly planted very highly on my thigh.

I try to get it of but he doesn't budge.

"So El, do you have a boyfriend? If you don't we'll have to hook you up with a hot guy." Ashley winks. Keegan stares intently at me.

"Um no I don't have one." I squeak, nervous under his gaze. Keegan smirks at this and continues eating his food.

"Are you okay El? You're acting weird. And not eating." Shay says concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I mumble and look down at my now cold dinner.

What does Keegan want with me?

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