When The Lights Are Turned Off

Everyone see the teen pop sensatiion Justin Bieber on stage and in the media but hardly anyone sees him off stage, behind the scenes. This is an inside look on what Justin thinks and does when no one else is around.


1. Starting Off


Dear Journal,


          I should start out with my name , I guess. Well my name is Justin Drew Bieber and my mom bought me this journal / dairy for christmas. She told me I need to write in it while I'm on tour so I can look back in it when I'm older. Anyway it's january now and I am about to go to rehearsal...I am dreading that. I love preforming but every time I practice Scott Braun, my Manager, makes me do it over and over again. It's so tiring. Oh and I almost forgot if you hear me refer to "Scooter" well that's what everyone calls Scott just so you know. 


I have no idea what to talk about since I havn't had one of these things before so I'm just gonna start with some basic facts. You already know my name so my birthday is March 1, 1994. I am originally from Stratford,Ontario, Canada. Back in 2007 I started posting videos on Youtube of me singing at this competition called "Stratford Star".  I got 2nd place, though. Anyways Scooter was the one that found me online. It was creepy because he kind of got obsessed with me. He contacted my school and everything just to try and get ahold of me. Finally my mom called him from a computer phone and was planning on getting rid of him ,but they ended up talking for like 4 hours. He told my mom he would fly us out to Atlanta, GA ,no strings attached, and to come see that is for real about this. If not we would just get a free vacation out of it. So long story short I am 19 now and everything worked out I think. I am a "Teen Pop Sensation" as people say when I see all those rumors of me online. Where do they come up with all of this ? Anyway I don't want to get carried away so I am going to head to rehearsals now. I guess I will talk to you later Journal!




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