When The Lights Are Turned Off

Everyone see the teen pop sensatiion Justin Bieber on stage and in the media but hardly anyone sees him off stage, behind the scenes. This is an inside look on what Justin thinks and does when no one else is around.


2. Journal 2



Dear Journal,


              I have not written in this thing in a while...anyways I just thought I would rant sorta about all these bull shit rumors people come up with. It's pathetic. Do people just sit around in a room and think of these things. Anyways have you heard the most recent...? Yeah apparently i slept with some hooker or prostitute and the thing that pisses me off the most is that she made a video of me sleeping and then showed her face at the end. I just don't get why the video was necessary. I know what your thinking....*in a girly voice* "Then why was that hoe in your room??" "We all know you slept with her..." "I bet you picked her up in the club!" Okay! Just clam the fuck down for a second. Let me tell my side of the story. First off yes I did meet her in the club because one of my dumb ass friends introduced me...*cough* *cough* Lil Twist *cough*....anyway lets not talk about that money stealing piece of.....never mind I don't need to get carried away...anyways back to the story. She was a close friend of his and she needed a place to stay. Well the smart person Lil Twist was got drunk and high ,while I was on my phone trying to come up with some song lyrics and drinking only sprite, picked up another girl and basically left with her. I felt bad for the friend of his that didn't have a place to stay and I told her that she could sleep in the extra bed in my suite. I mean they were even in separate rooms so I didn't see a problem and that she could just leave in the morning. Well looky here that backfired....I guess you can't be nice to someone and do them a favor without them going all creepy fangirl on your ass. SO there I'm not as bad as people bring me off to be. But thats only one rumor....just imagine how many others I have to explain. Especially to my mom...Okay here is some good news, well thats just what I think, I am going to be releasing some new songs for 10 weeks straight and I am soo excited! I will just have to tell you all about them later because I have to go catch a flight to travel with pencils of promise. :*



                                                                                                     Justin :)


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