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Hi guys, i decide to do a movella where you tell me your hair and eye colour, your name and what one direction member you want to be your boyfriend. GOOD LUCK! oh and sorry but nail is already taken!


2. Louis for Could you be loved? aka. Jennifer

Jennifer's POV: 

I still can't belive what I saw this morning, Louis Tomlinson kissing Megan Brookes. It made me extra mad because I kind of like Louis, I mean we did hang out and I thought we were becoming more than friends but I guess not. I slowly walked to the bus stop, trying to forget it but the image just kept replaying in my head. 


About half an hour later I was home. I dumped my school bag by the front door and ran up stairs to my room closings the door behind me. Then my phone rang, it was a text from Louis. 'Hey you ok? You were really quite at lunch. Is something bothering you?! ' So I decided to reply 'oh it's  nothing well....I did see you kissing Megan Brookes today :(' then he sent 'oh...ok...Well why don't we talk about it, meet me by the school gates we can talk then:)!'. I didn't really want to talk about it because it would remind me of what happened! But I guess I will go. I went to down stairs to the front door and opened it then started walking down the street. Once I got to the school gates I saw Louis. 

Louis' POV: 

I noticed Jennifer walking towards me. I wish I could tell her every thing. How Megan kissed me and I tried to get away. I reckon she noticed Jennifer coming so she grabbed my neck and made it look like I wasn't trying to get away. I guess I love Jennifer. It's the way her dirty blonde hair perfectly frams her face and her icy blue eyes, they are so lovely that I wish I was a contact lence so I could l lie on top of them all day. I was staring in to them now, those beautiful eyes of hers.

"Jennifer listen I wasn't kissing Megan......Well I was but I didn't kiss her back, she held me tight so I Couldn't pull away from her. The truth is that I.....I well what I'm trying to say is you! I finely blurted out. I could tell she was shocked. "Louis I don't know what to say but.....I guess you too." Then I slowly put a strand of her hair behind her ear and rested my hand on her cheek I leaned in and she did the same. I kissed her softly on the lips. After about a week we started going out then 5 years later we got engaged! 


Authors note:

Hi sorry Jennifer for the short chapter but I couldn't think of much and I was so tired. Once again so sorry to every one especially Jennifer. P.S Don't forget to fan me and read my other movellas :)






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