One direction images! ;)

Hi guys, i decide to do a movella where you tell me your hair and eye colour, your name and what one direction member you want to be your boyfriend. GOOD LUCK! oh and sorry but nail is already taken!


3. Harry for Ellie Mae Styles (Ellie)

Ellies POV: 

How did I deserve such an amazing boyfriend like Harry. We have been together for ages and he is so sweet,funny,kind and nice. Suddenly I herd him come up the stairs, I was just on my laptop when he came in my room. "Hey babe guess what!" "What?" "It would be my honer if you accompanied me to dinner this evening, I decided to celebrate our 3 year anniversary early!" "Aww...Harry you're so sweet of course i will" "Then it's a date, shall we leave at about 7:00" "sure sounds great!". Since harry and I shared an apartment in London he didn't have to pick me up or anything. I quickly hoped in the shower and took about 30 minutes. Then I had half an hour to pick what I was going to wear. I decided to wear a purple strapless dress with matching heals and orange jewellery because it's Harry's favourite colour. I had a orange wrist band with an orange flower on it. Also I had a orange necklace with a orange heart pendant on it. When it was finally time to go harry and I walked hand in hand to Harry's car." You look really beautiful tonight, you must be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." "Oh I doubt that" I said with a shy smile. We got out the car and walked into the restaurant still hand in hand. We sat at our reserved table and looked at the menu. Once the waiter came over and taken our order about 30minutes later our food comes out finally.... 

When our meal was done harry stoud up and asked everyone to have his attention. He knelt down on one knee and said "Ellie Mae Paine will you do me the honer of becoming my wife"

 I was shocked at his words."YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!." I hugged him tightly I would definitely remember this moment for the rest of my life. 

Harry's POV: 

It was time for the wedding I was so nervous. Thoughts kept spinning around in my head, I couldn't think straight. As i walked into the room everyone was beginning to sit down. i walked up the isle to where the altar was, about ten minutes later the music started for the bride to come in. here we go i thought as the music played on. i slowly turned to see a vision of loveliness walking up to me. Before we said our vows we put the rings on each others fingers. "do you Harry Edward Styles take Ellie Mae Pain to be your lawfully wedded wife". " i do" i said proudly. " And do you Ellie Mae Panie take Harry Edward Styles to be your husband?". " i do" she said looking into my eyes. " i now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride". I leaned in, both of us gazing into each others eyes. Then are lips crashed together and for that brief moment it felt like we were the only two people in the room.       







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