All is Fair in Love and War

Two kingdoms, once joined together as one have split apart in a family feud, and now after hundreds of years of preparation war will continue as planned in the scriptures. Learn more about the two kingdoms, Ithica and Elika and which kingdom will rise once and for all, if anything can be salvaged.


2. Scriptures

The Royal Scripture

1. The kingdom once ruled by the Late King Borin, will be split into two, Ithica and Elika. 

2. Ithica, ruled by Carac and his wife Lea.

3. Elika, ruled by Merek and his wife Elanor.

4. The two kingdoms will have Fourty-Eight years to prepare for the war, one kingdom will remain.

5. King Merek and King Carac will have children that will be leading the war, because of the state of war, to prevent further war or problems to crown a leader, each king will have one child. 



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