All is Fair in Love and War

Two kingdoms, once joined together as one have split apart in a family feud, and now after hundreds of years of preparation war will continue as planned in the scriptures. Learn more about the two kingdoms, Ithica and Elika and which kingdom will rise once and for all, if anything can be salvaged.


3. Ithica

     Ithica was ruled by my brother, King Carac, and his wife Queen Lea. He was the stricter of the brothers, determined to have his kingdom come out on top. He was only eleven when the kingdom split in two, and by the age of Thirteen, had his kingdom stabilized and preparing for war. By age 20, Lea was his Queen. Ten years later, Juliana was born. The only child Carac was aloud to have. A daughter. He was worried. No one in either kingdom's believed woman should fight. He sent letters and tried to contact King Merek numerous times before he finally wrote back. The scriptures would never change. Ever. One child from each king no matter the gender, Carac was just King that would lose, having a daughter run his was when he passed, Merek was thrilled. 

He would have 31 years to train her and so he did. Ithica was made up of oceans and rainforests. There were miles and miles of water and trees. The castle and village was surrounded by the two. Juliana learned very quickly how to sprint through the woods and avoid the trees and their branches. She built up cardio and muscle, but most importantly learned her land, where to hide, sneak up on people, what insects and animals inhabit certain areas. She used the woods as her main tactic, learning to build traps and camouflage deep holes when short on weaponry.  She swam in the ocean every day which increased her strength. By the time Juliana was five King Carac and Queen Lea weren't worried about the war anymore because of how Juliana was trained. She was so stronger than any female or boy in her town at the age of five and had the intelligence and war strategy to back her up. The war was in her hands, and she still had twenty six years of planning, training, and tactic for herself and her kingdom. 

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