1D Love story

Each member of 1D has someone dear and special to them
harry a girlfriend
zayn a best mate thats getting married
louis a girlfriend
liam a reletive ill
niall a grandparent ill
read the story to find out what 1d do at there special concert and what they do with there special someone


1. wedding invite

"Hay Jodie" I shouts.

"Hay T"Jodie replies excitedly.

"What's happening you seem so excited" I says.

"My parents are getting married and were being bridesmaids" Jodie screams excitedly.

"What i'm a bridesmaid as well?????" I asked.

"Yeah!!!! obviously we wouldn't do anything like that without you,"Jodie replies.

They both scream. Tanika's friend Holly comes over.

5 boys enter the room.Harry, Niall, Zayn,Louis and Liam.

"Hay Holly haven't seen you for a while "I says

"Yeah I know iv been sitting with the drama department since I started doing drama its pretty cool" she replies


"Are you looking forward to the wedding"a voice says making everyone jump.

"OMG!!! yeah i am zayn p.s. never do that again" Jodie grumbles angrily. "ow yeah zayn this is Tanika shes also a bridesmaid."

"Is she, you dont want her being a bridesmaid"he says

"why???????????"Jodie asked

"She is to pretty she'll be taking all the attention away from the bride" Zayn answered.

I blush but the other 4 boys stare at me.They start whispering to each other.I overheard what one of them said that Tanika girls sexy i could just make out that it was Harry that said it.



"That Harry said I am sexy Jodie !!!!" I exclaim.

"we heard ,"Holly chimes in

"Do you reckon he will ask me out????? " i ask

"Yeah they always are talking about you whenever I go past them. He's nervous to ask they were saying. 


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