The Vampire Diaries -- Backstage

-short story-

Hundreds of girls and boys are participating in the competition for a whole day backstage at The Vampire Diaries.
In Australia is Anna making a video and her friend Jamy makes one too.

Will one of them win? Maybe both?

-This story is for the Backstage competition-


3. Chapter 2. The Day

Anna’s POV.

‘HEY!’ ‘Uh, hi?’ ‘I GOT AMAZING NEWS!’ ‘Great! What?!’ ‘I WON!’ ‘Y.. the.. com..’ ‘YES!’

-ten minutes of screaming and hyperventilating later-

I put the phone down with a sad smile. Jamy won. I was happy for her, of course, but I wish I had won. She promised me to film everything though. We had this thing. It was a small non-wire webcam that she would use to carry around and make me see everything live! It was the sweetest thing ever!

-The Day-

‘Good morning, goodmorning, goodmorning to you!’ Jamy sang into the camera and I chuckled. ‘Whoa you are so happy.’ I chuckled. ‘YEAH DUH!’ She yelled into the camera with her phone between her shoulder and ear. ‘I still can’t believe you won!’ I grin and she chuckles. ‘I know right! No worries, you can hear us even without the phone so, I’ll let everyone say hi okay?’ ‘Really? Thanks Jamy!’ I yelled and we hung up so she could leave.

After a long and boring car drive we, uh, she arrived at the woods where they would shoot some outside scene. The second she got out the car she ran up to the first person she saw, Ian Somerhalder, better known as Mister Smoulderholder. She attacked him in a hug, dropping the camera. He just laughed and hugged her. ‘Guess you were the winner huh?’ he smiled his famous half-smirk at her. ‘OH!’ she let go. ‘Y-yes and uh, I brought my ca.. oh my god ANNA SORRY!’ she yelled as she picked up the camera. I just laughed and laughed, this girl!

‘Ian? Could you do something for me?’ ‘Sure sweetheart, spill.’ He smiled at her and then at the camera. I guess I fainted at that point. I noticed it was hard for Jamy to keep calm but she managed. ‘Could you say hi to my friend? I am live-videotaping this for her so she can experience this day with me.’ She smiled as she blushed. Oh whoa, she really is nervous! Even after giving him that hug! Oh god, bear with me I think I would have melted on spot if I would have hugged him. ‘Sure, what’s her name?’ he asked after a small wave and a wink into the camera. Okay, scratch my last thought, NOW I’m officially a fangirling puddle on the ground. ‘Her name is Anna.’

‘Hey Anna, I saw your video, it was before we watched Jamy’s. You have a great smile girl, keep that up!’ Ian smirked into the camera. I stared into his eyes lovingly and he turned back to Jamy. ‘Let’s meet the rest of the cast yes?’ Jamy nodded so hard her head almost bobbed off. ‘You too Ann! Let’s go!’ He yelled as he ran away. ‘Oh. My. God. Anna. ISN’T HE ADORABLE!’ she yelled into the camera. Without thinking I nodded just as hard as she just did and she laughed. ‘Are you nodding? I CAN NOT SEE OR HEAR YOU GIRL!’ I facepalmed, this girl knows me way to well.

Next person we walked up to was Candice, she plays Caroline in the series and in there she’s a bitch at first but she changes into a vampire and becomes all nice and caring! ‘Hey! You are Jamy right? Ohh.. what’s that of fine piece of technology?’ She smiles at the camera. The only thing I can see now is a real good close up to her face. I laugh while I take a picture with my phone. JAMY MUST SEE THIS FROM MY POINT OF VIEW!

Jamy laughs before she explains what the camera is and what it does at the moment. Also she explains who’s watching. ‘Anna? Oh gosh, sorry! You must have taken a picture of me with my face so zoomed into your computer screen!’ She chuckles as she put her hands in front of her mouth. ‘I actually think she just did that..’ Jamy mutters, knowing me. ‘Really? Oh, don’t you dare to put that on the internet!’ She mockingly threatens me. I hear Jamy’s phone buzz after I clicked send and she grabs it and chuckles as she is staring at the screen. ‘Uh, Candice?’ she smiles as she hands her the phone. ‘OH MY GOD ANNA!’ Candice yells as she looks in the camera. ‘What did I just say?’ ‘Look at the title Candice.’ Jamy grins. ‘Too late.’ Candice reads out loud. She groans and winks at us before being called. ‘Guess we’re shooting a scene, come with me girls I’ll show you where we film.’ She turns all professional and I chuckle about that.

After shooting the first few scenes, which were awesome by the way, we meet the rest of the cast. Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan, Katerina Graham, Steven R. McQueen (just after some shot where he’s been shirtless, not a bad scene.. at all), Claire Holt, Michael Trevino, Zach Roerig, Marguerite MacIntyre, Nathaniel Buzolic and Daniel Gillies. They all say hi and Steven even flexed his abs in front of the camera! He even said I had to start film and I did, I mean, listen to the hot shirtless dude! After he flexed Jamy asked me if I did really film it with her pleading eyes so I send her a WhatsApp with a firm YES (and a smiley face with hearts instead of eyes.. you know it.. oh gosh..)

Then she meets everyone else while they start shooting the next couple of scenes.

Karen Bruck, from Set Decoration, Daniel Curet, Bryson Conley, Essie Cha and a whole lot of other people from the Makeup Department, Jeremy Conner, stunt double of Ian, Jennifer Badger, stunt double of Nina and a whole lot of other stunt doubles. Hmm, the next few episodes are going to be awesome!

We meet Sally Wilkerson, Margaret Robbs, E. Dee Biddlecome and of course, a whole bunch of other people from the Costume and Wardrobe Department. I could go on for ages about who we met but there are so many amazing people! And they are so good at their jobs!

We get to watch one more scene before they call it a day and Jamy gets to ask the cast one question per person. I send her some questions via WhatsApp and she asked some of them.

It was amazing to hear all these amazing stories, which had nothing to do with the question.. These people tend to wander off, from these amazing actors. I mean, Tyler ( Michael Trevino) is this arrogant piece of werewolf sh*t but in real he’s so funny and nice!

After that almost everyone left except for Nina, Ian, Candice, Katerina, Steven and Paul. They all ate together and I ate alone in my room with the lights out. It was like I was with them. I send some messages to Jamy which made everyone laugh like: “Can someone please pass the sauce?” or: “Really funny guys, say it in my face!”
And someone would pass me, the camera, the sauce or just walk up to it, stare right in the lens and ‘say it right in my face’

At ten p.m. she had to go home, not after a big group hug, camera in the middle, of course! She grabbed her phone and called me and I spoke to everyone for a while. At the end, I spoke to Ian and he just smiled into the camera and said. “You know, you two have to come back in a few days, but then you have to be really here okay Ann?” I just stammered some sort of agreement and it was settled. Next week, we would be back backstage on the set of The Vampire Diaries.

That's it guys, i really hope you liked it and that you will vote for me! I know it's short, but that's why it's called a short story! <3 please vote! I don't need to win but i'm still curious how good i'll be with all those other talented people around.. :)

I really love you guys and i have the feeling that i've been really different and original (hehe get it? ORIGINAL?! only people who've watched the show will get it, i'm very sorry :( )


xxxx Sasha 

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