The Vampire Diaries -- Backstage

-short story-

Hundreds of girls and boys are participating in the competition for a whole day backstage at The Vampire Diaries.
In Australia is Anna making a video and her friend Jamy makes one too.

Will one of them win? Maybe both?

-This story is for the Backstage competition-


2. Chapter 1. How it started

(this story is written in first person mostly)

-3rd Person-

Ian stared at the screen. ‘No way that she’s winning.’ He sighed as he looked at Nina. ‘Yeah..’ she agreed. ‘But what about the last girl? She seemed fun..’ ‘I know but she was.. so fake!’ He groaned and the corners of Nina’s lips couldn’t be stopped of pulling up. ‘Don’t laugh at me!’ Ian chuckled as he clicked the next video. ‘Hey! Uhm.. My name is Brittany and I’m from England and I’ve always been a fan of ia.. uh.. the vampire diaries!... ...’ ‘Bye Brittany!’ Ian sighed as he clicked next. ‘Just because she has “always been a fan of yo... the show?’ Nina grinned at him. ‘Yeah, just because of that.’

On the other side of the world, in Australia, was a girl with the name Anna. She was just shooting the one in a million video’s Ian and Nina were watching. She clicked a few times and send it. While her friend, Jamy, did the same afterwards.

‘Oh yay, more!’ Ian yelled sarcastically. Nina laughed as they started to watch the next fifty video’s.
-about twenty videos later-

‘She’s it.’ 


Screaming she put the phone down. ‘I WON I WON I WON I WON!! OH MY GOD!’ She ran to her parents and hugged them tight. ‘I won mom!’ ‘Won what sweetheart?’ ‘The competition for a whole day backstage at The Vampire Diaries!’ ‘Call your friends honey! Can you take someone?’ ‘No..’ The happy girls’ mood changed immediately. ‘Only parents are aloud. And just one.’ ‘I’ll come with you sweety. Dad would love to have the house for him alone with Jake.’ Her mom smiled and the girls’ frown changed in a huge smile. ‘Thanks mom! I’ll go call her right now!’

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