Behind closed doors (One Direction)

What if you thought you knew someone. Knew them really well. Knew all the facts. But then you discover something. Something you never thought would happen. What if you had the chance to find out the real Harry Styles. Not the Harry Styles you see on the news, or in magazines. The real Harry Styles. *Entry for what happens backstage competition*


2. Waking up

I stared at the empty space next to me. Trying to work out who once lay here. I remember the name Harry for some reason. Maybe that was a connection. I smelt food and let my stomach control me. It lead me downstairs and I managed to find the kitchen

"Shit" I exclaimed when I saw who was standing at the stove. Last. Night. I. Had. Sex. With. Harry. Frigging. Styles!

"Hey love, i'm sorry for last night. I was drunk. I mean you're gorgeous and all but it was wrong. Leave whenever you want, but I wondered if you wanted some pancakes" He said with a smile. What the actual hell. Harry Styles. The flirt. The boy of many one night stands just said that to me.

"Ummm, okay" I replied and sat at the table. He placed some pancakes down in front of me before sitting down with a plate of his own. During breakfast I caught him staring at me a number of times

"What" I finally said, getting kinda creeped out by the constant staring

"Well this might sound weird but, drunk Harry did good" He said with a smile and I couldn't help bu laugh

"What?" I asked in confusion

"Drunk Harry did good. You're really pretty, seem really nice and if I remember rightly really good in bed" He chuckled

"Apparently that's not enough for some people" I murmered. Obviously too loud because Harry heard me

"What?" He asked

"N-n-nothing, I I really best be off. Thanks for the pancakes and the apolodgy I suppose" I said getting up and going to leave

"Wait!" Harry exclaimed and then he came up to me

"Can I have your number?" He asked and I stood there in shock. Him, the Harry Styles wanted my number

"Um, yeah i suppose" I replied and gave it to him

"One last thing, whats your name?" He asked and I smiled

"Scarlett, Scarlett Johnson" I replied with a smile and walked out the door. I Iooked around at my surroundings and couldn't help but laugh. Harry Styles lived on the road next to mine. Then I realised who the guy was last night. It wasn't Lewis at all. It was Louis Tomlinson. Shit, I practically announced to Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder that I was about to have sex with Harry. I laughed it off and went back to the house I share with my best friend Joanna.

"Jojo, I'm home!" I called and I heard her run downstairs.

"Where the hell were you last night!" She exclaimed and I smiled

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me" I said and with a smile went upstairs to my room. I logged onto twitter and saw I had a notification. Harry Styles followed me. How he hell did he find me. I know I follow him but still. I decided to tweet

@TheScarlettJohnson: #WOW

simple but effective. I immediately got a retweet. Harry. Soon people were tweeting asking who I was and soon

#Who'sScarlett was trending. Brilliant Harry, just brilliant!

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