Behind closed doors (One Direction)

What if you thought you knew someone. Knew them really well. Knew all the facts. But then you discover something. Something you never thought would happen. What if you had the chance to find out the real Harry Styles. Not the Harry Styles you see on the news, or in magazines. The real Harry Styles. *Entry for what happens backstage competition*


3. date?

from Harry S: Do you fancy going on a date with me sometime. I would really like to get to know you better :) please, love H. x

I couldn't believe it Harry Styles, king of one night stands was asking me out on a date

to Harry S: Okay. A date it is. Today? S. x

from Harry S: Great, i'll pick you up at 7. Don't worry I know your address ;), H. x

Okay, this is too much. I'm going on a date with Harry Styles. I stare at the clock. 4:30. Damn I have 2 and 1/12 hours. I headed straight to the shower. When I got out it was 5:30. I had no clue what to wear.

to Harry S: Smart or casual? S. x

from Harry S: casual. Bring enough clothes for the week. And bring a swimming costume :) H. x

Okay. So I was going away for the week with Harry Styles. Not a bad first date. This is really too much. He's not like people say. Not a heartbreaker, not the king of one night stands. He was a gentleman, kind sweet. And possibly romantic. I went upstairs and packed. I put shorts and t-shirts on. It's summer still, for today's the last da. I'm taking advantage of it. I put on my favourite shorts on and a superhero crop top. I loosely curled my hair and let it hand down on my shoulders. I applied the bare minimum of make-up. I was now ready. As if on cue the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it" Jo called from downstairs. She screamed and I remembered I hadn't told her who I was going away with. She is a massive One Direction fan. I grabbed my sandals and ran downstairs

"You did not tell me!" She exclaimed and Harry just laughed.

"Sorry forgot, um gotta dash" I said grabbing Harry and running out the door to avoid any questions. We got in the car and Harry started to drive.

"So where are we going?" I asked and Harry smiled. He held up two passports. One of them belonged to me

"Verona in Italy" He replied with a smile

"okay, one. Aww  like Romeo and Juliet, and two. How the hell did you get my passport" he laughed

"I have connections" He replied simply before turning the radio on. Best Song Ever came on. I wonder if it's weird hearing yourself on the radio

"It is" Harry said. Did I think outloud?

"you did!" He said again and i laughed. I should stop doing this. He laughed and started singing along. I've never see One Direction live but people are right. They are amazing.

"Don't you think that this is a bit much for a first date?" I asked

"I know what you think of me Scarlett. You think i'm a hearbreaker, a flirt. You thinki'll use you for sex and then leave you. Don't worry, everyone think it. It's because of my reputation that I don't even deserve. Guess how many one night stands I've had. 1. And that's only because she didn't answer my calls. I want to prove you wrong Scarlett. I really like you" He said and I couldn't help but smile. He liked me. He really liked me.

"I really like you to Harry" I said and he smiled.

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