My name's Paige. & this is my story; my journey; my own little fairytale.


1. Chapter One

My fingers traced the words on the page as I read left to right. The beautiful context drew me in to the character's actions and spoken words. I was reading one of Jane Austen's famous writings, Pride and Prejudice. In my mind, I pictured Mr. Darcy staring at Elizabeth with fascinated eyes. He was infatuated with her. As she was with him. They shared a foolish, yet passionate love. 

I had never been in love before. I hardly believed in it. Everything that I loved was ripped away from me. My parents died in a car crash only months ago. Leaving me traumatized to this day. My aunt and uncle took me in their care soon after and here I am. Sitting in my room, reading a book. This was what my summer consisted of so far. 

A small knock came from my door and my head snapped around, while I closed my book and set it next to me. I pushed myself off the bed and went to open the door slightly. My Aunt, Lou, was standing there with her arms crossed over her chest.

God, she looked so much like my mom. Given, they were twins. Sometimes, it was hard to tell them apart. I've even got them mixed up once or twice. 

And she was as crushed as I was when we heard the heartbreaking news. Not only losing my own parents was hard but for her it was her twin sister and brother-in-law. A sister who she spent most of her life with. 

I opened the door wider and put on a smile for her.

"Hey." I stood in front of her, catching her attention.

"Hi Paige." She smiled, putting her arms down at her side. "Tom, Lux and I were going to get some ice cream in a few, would you like to come?" 

She looked like she really hoped I would go with. But I wasn't really in the mood to go anywhere. No, I'm not lazy or anything. I would just rather stay home. Safe and tucked away in a book.

"Um," I shifted my feet and leaned against the door frame. "I don't know."

"We would really appreciate it." She tilted her head to the side.

"I... okay." I gave in and sighed quietly. I didn't want to be rude and tell her I didn't want to go. But it was only ice cream, I suppose.

"Yay!" She gave me a quick hug and disappeared down the stairs. 

I smirked and grabbed my jacket, hanging behind the door. My feet guided me down the stairs, skipping the last two at the end. My uncle, Tom handed over little Lux to Lou after helping get her jacket on. He caught me watching them, a small grin grew on his face. Lou must've noticed because she turned around and her face immediately lit up.

"Uh, I... I'm ready." I stuttered, blinking a few times and walking towards them. 

"Awesome! Let's hop in the car then." Lou opened the front door with her free hand and I followed her out, with Tom behind me. 

I jumped into the back of their white Mini Cooper and sat quietly while Lux was buckled in and we pulled out of the driveway. My gaze remained out the window as we drove through our neighborhood. The radio softly played in the background and Lux was babbling on, making usual baby noises. The front window was cracked down a bit, enough to make the ends of my hair tickle my face. 

We finally arrived at the local ice cream shop somewhere in downtown London. I recognized the large pink sign hanging from the roof and sat up in my seat. The Ice Cap. My mom took me here several times when I was younger. Whenever we visited Lou and Tom, we would always stop by and pick up a treat. Slowly, I stepped out of the car and stared at the exterior of the little building. The bricks were mostly faded and the sign was worn out a little, but other than that, it's exactly how I remember it. 

"You coming Paige?" Tom called out in front of me, waiting with everyone else.

"Oh, yeah." I jogged over to them and slipped inside, close behind.

The same, sweet smell filled my nostrils and all the memories came flooding back. In a flashback, I saw my bubbly young self bouncing on my tippy-toes, pointing to the ice cream flavor I wanted. It was always the same flavor. Chocolate swirl. My mother stood behind me, bending at the knees, and pointed to the chocolate ice cream in the corner. The worker took her scoop and glided across the frozen treat, while I stared in awe. My smile widened across my face as I looked up at my mom, who flashed her beautiful smile back down at me. 

"Miss, can I help you?" A cashier asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"C-can I get a cup of chocolate swirl?" I found my voice but it came out in a quiet mumble.

"Sure." She smiled and walked over to the same corner that I knew and always would remember. She scooped it up and I couldn't help but watch. This time I could actually see above the counter. She handed me the full cup over the glass window and I glanced around to find my second family. 

It felt weird calling them my 'second family' because really they were only my aunt and uncle and cousin. But they were a big part of my life now. I woke up everyday and fell asleep with them. I went where they went, most of the time. I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with them. They were my family. 

I sat at the table, across from Lux and Tom and right next to my dear aunt, Lou. They were already dipping their spoons into the creamy treat and Lux had vanilla ice cream smeared across her face. It made me giggle actually. I scooped a bite into my mouth and nearly melted in my place. It tasted of chocolate bliss. The delicious frozen treat melted down my throat as I swallowed and scooped up another spoonful. 

"You like it?" Lou smiled, looking up from her ice cream bowl.

"Mhmm." I nodded, my mouth full of my childhood memories. I couldn't believe how good it still was. It would forever be my favorite ice cream flavor. It would never be this good anywhere else.

We quickly ate up our yummy ice cream and chatted for a while before we decided it was getting late in the afternoon. I threw away my cup in the trash and stopped at the door, looking back one more time to embrace the great times I've had in here. Of course, I would come back multiple times and eat here again. But for today, this was enough to fill that empty spot in my heart. A smile crept up on my lips as I turned back around and pushed past the doors, stepping outside in the fresh London air.



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