My name's Paige. & this is my story; my journey; my own little fairytale.


4. Chapter Four

The screams shook the ground underneath my feet, but quickly died down when they saw it was only me. Their screams turned into harsh shouts with the occasional threat towards me. There was a blinding light continuing to shine directly in my eyes but when I shaded my face, I realized that it wasn't just one light. It was hundreds of flashing cameras going off all at once. I never had this much attention in my life since my "spectacular" flute solo in 6th grade. My eyes started getting blurry and that's when I realized, I hadn't blinked since I stepped outside. Strangers were continously shouting at me, asking me questions and yelling at me. Girls, who looked ages younger than me, screamed mean things at me. This was getting to be too much. I started having a mini panic attack in my small space on the stairway. My heart started to beat faster and louder as I looked around frantically for any sign of a way out. People were packed everywhere. There was no way to escape this madness. This time, real tears started to brim my eyes, eager to fall down my cheeks. But that would make me look even more vulnerable. Which I clearly was not. I just wanted to get out of this mess. I squeezed my eyes shut tight and prayed it would all be over soon.

The screams quickly got louder, making my head ache tremendously. All of a sudden, a large arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me into the crowd. My head shot up in fear but was surprised to see Harry pushing his way through hundreds of shrieking girls and loud men with their cameras. The farther in we moved, the more nervous I got. Where was he taking me? I remained close to Harry until we got past the same gates Lou and I entered earlier. I let out a sigh of relief, realizing he was trying to save me from the pandemonium. He got there just in time. Harry and I safely walked back to Lou's car with an awkward amount of space between us. I finally caught my breath and inhaled deeply, trying to relax myself. 

He smirked. "Sorry about that."

"Sorry? That wasn't your-"

"They get a little wild sometimes when they see one of us with a girl they don't know." He admitted, scuffing his shoe on the ground. A little wild?

Before I could respond, Lou opened the backstage door and came running out. 

"Oh, thank god you're okay Paige." She wrapped me in a giant hug. I exhaled into her soft hair and hugged her back. I was glad to see her too.

"Let's go home." She whispered into my ear. I smiled and turned around to thank Harry, but he wasn't standing where I last saw him. He must've went back inside while I was hugging Lou. She grabbed my hand and picked Lux up with the other and lead us around the car. I sighed when I sat down in the passenger seat, thankful to be safe from all the fuss. Lou put the car in reverse and turned around, heading for the dreadful gate. Police tried to hold back the crowd as we slowly made our way through. People were tapping on my window, taking multiple pictures and still yelling at me. I did the best I could to shield myself from them by hiding behind my hand and looking down at my lap. How could anyone ever live with this? I shuddered at the thought of having to go through the horror again.

We finally got out of the chaos and began driving home. I stared out the glass window, watching the world move by quickly as the radio played softly in the background. I was thankful Lou and Tom lived far from the city. I couldn't get mobbed way out here. I made out a logical plan in my head as we were driving; when we got home, I would go straight to my room and never come out again. Simple. These crazy mishaps are why I never like going out in public. It always ends in disaster for me. Well, only judging by the few times I actually have been outside. 

 I saw the little house in the incoming distance and sat up in my seat excitedly. We pulled into the long driveway and Lou shut off the car once we were in the garage. I stepped into the house and slipped off my uncomfortable shoes I had been wearing all morning. Lux wobbled in while Lou held the door with one hand and her bags with the other. I followed up on my little strategy and headed up to my bedroom. It was the same as I left it this morning, clean and organized. Just the way I liked it. 

I graciously fell onto my soft bed and stared at the blank ceiling. There was so much on my mind at the moment. Like, how Harry knew I was outside? Maybe he saw me wandering around and followed me curiously. And what did he mean when he said the crowd got wild when they saw one of the boys with an unknown girl? It was only me. I hardly knew the boys, let alone heard of them before today. What could they possibly think they already know about me? These unanswerable questions floated around in my brain.

Not only was I confused, but I was terribly exhausted. Today had been a long one, even though it was only 2 in the afternoon. My eyes were slowly closing while I tried to stay awake but it was no use fighting the weariness. So I decided to take a long nap and hopefully wake up before supper with a cleared head.



(Sorry this one is short! Lots of exciting events coming up!! :) thanks for reading so far.)

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