baby project ( harry potter)

everyone in year 6 and 7 are paired up and have to live together and have kids ( the fan fiction is better than the description because i don't wanna give much away)


3. chapter 3

harry + Ginny


As harry and Ginny walked into number 1 they saw a letter :


Dear Mr and Mrs Potter,


you will only be able to use spells on this list






wingardium leviosa


if you feel any other spells will be necessary then please send and owl.

On the kitchen table you will find a potion just put each of your hairs into it and withing 10 seconds your 5 kids will be born.You will start work at 9 o clock tomorrow morning we have hired someone to show you there and you children will cease to exist when you aren't with them so don't worry.


yours sincerely Albus Percival Walfric Brian Dumbledore


They both added hair to the potion and watched as 3 baby girls and 2 baby boys appeared out of nowhere.


" what shall we call them," said harry 

" you name the boys i name the girls," replied Ginny


eventually they decided on Tessa , Violet , Theodora , Ruban and Jerry



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