baby project ( harry potter)

everyone in year 6 and 7 are paired up and have to live together and have kids ( the fan fiction is better than the description because i don't wanna give much away)



" attention attention , " shouted professor Dumbledore ," please can everyone who isn't a year 6 or 7 leave the great hall." Everyone was wondering why on earth this was happening.


" i have some news for you ," Dumbledore proclaimed , " everyone will be paired and married ( for fake not real) and live together in a muggle town- you will also be given a potion and with the addition of a hair from both of you a baby will be born .It will be drawn out of the hat who each girl will be paired with - how many babies and how where they live .In the muggle towns you will only be able to use magic but if but only if it is on the list of spells deemed necessary .The muggle town will only be made up of hogwarts students and people we have hired to play certain jobs but you will still have to live like muggles and use muggle money to buy stuff you will need.In the hat you the girls will also draw her and her partners job because we will only supply enough muggle money to live for a week - however each job will pay the same .The baby project will last 6 months."


so the girls all lined up to put the hat on their heads.

" Today i won't be seeing your personality ," said the sorting hat ," the selections i make will be random - with out further ado i call ginerva weasley - um i pick Harry James Potter - 5 kids harry will be a football player and ginerva will be a worker in a newsagents.You will live in number 1.Next i call hermione jean granger - you will be paired with ronald billius weasley and have 3 kids .Ronald will be a factory worker and you will be a housekeeper for a lady called mrs bottage. you will live in number 2.


AN:i will do the other pairings in the next chapter

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