Being The Lil Sister

My name is Skyeler Horan. I have long blonde hair with green highlights. I have icy blue eyes. I'm 17 years old. My brother is Niall Horan. I have an older sister named Iris Horan. This is my life.


3. Dinner With Abrielle

We just got back. Today Niall's girlfriend Abrielle is coming over. She loves me. I was upstairs getting dressed when I heard the doorbell ring. I threw on my shirt and ran downstairs. I opened the door and saw it was Abrielle. I gave her a really big hug. She said "Hey baby girl". She calls me baby girl because I'm like her little sister she never got. Niall heard her and ran down the steps. This is what Abri looks like:

She's a model. She's super pretty too. I think Niall found his perfect match. I call her Abri. She loves to be called that. Her dad calls her Ellie. Iris is married. So she's not a Horan. She's a Lavigne. This is her wedding photo:

She dyed her hair blonde for the wedding. She looks so pretty. She married Mr. Jason Matthew Lavigne. She is 23 and had a daughter when she was 20. They named her Avril Jade Lavigne. Well anyway tonight Niall, Abrielle, Iris, Jason, Avril, and I are going out to dinner. This is what Avril looked like when she was 2 days old:

She looks a little bit like her mother and father.... She's so cute! This is what I'm wearing tonight

Iris took that pic. I look sexy I know.

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