God intelligence domain theist atheist


1. God

God! the three letters G...o...d

stand supreme in sense

king of kings almighty any number of synonyms

none other exists other than Him.


`God` the word holds such beauty and reverence

love and adoration in the hearts of faith

as every thing that touches inside traces God

but for the mind of an atheist a mere superstition.


Great souls' personal vision

embraces universal vision

that consoles guides

grants hope and faith in human life.


The whole creation product of intelligence

based on and guided by intelligence

the universe guided by intelligence

God is intelligence the self created invisible power.


Our deep anguish through prayers

merges in to the depths of universal power

the power that rises to help that sustains our faith

and miracles do happen sometimes.


Perhaps not the way we want

but blessing is bestowed

good comes in other ways

sometimes after a long grief filled waiting.


Through thick and thin we look upon Him

assured of His presence in our lives

from birth and even after death

tuned to Him for eternity.


He sits there a compassionate outsider

a permanent nonchalant relative

concerned with human predicament

not involved with it-dispassionate compassion.


We pray we plead we rage we blame

nevertheless an inner relief for He copes up with praise or blasphemy

and we adjust to our `karma` good or bad

call it a twist of fate trick of luck or game of God.


Last but not least:

A lifelong champion and a staunch atheist

prior to his fatal fall from his horse in to a valley

surprised himself by his involuntary cry`o God`

pure amazement filled his heart at the power of the word God in his final moments.


Moral:Like it or not, theist or no theist every thing is His domain.None exists apart from Him

because He is in all.

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