Glee: A New Generation

Back at McKinley High School. 20 years ago, they graduated. Now its time for a new generation to come.


2. Brittany Lopez

"So this girl was just standing there with, you're going to laugh, a reindeer sweater! She looked like an old librarian! It was hysterical!" I said to my friends who were surrounding me around my locker. I know what you're thinking. What is it like being one of the most popular girls in school? I'm co-captain of the cheerios, vice president of the Celibacy Club, and apart of the secondary unholy trinity. 

"Was she ugly?" a Cheerio! asked me.

"Is she weird?" a football player questioned.

"I hope she isn't in my class!" a girl I have never seen before asked.

God will you all just let me get my stuff together? Please just leave me alone! This is one of the bad things that you have to deal with if you are as popular as me. People will never leave me alone! I cant even walk to class without a group of 5 surrounding me. But it is a good supply of gossip.

"Okay guys! I need to collect some important information for the Cheerios! So I need you all to go!" I waved as I backed away slowly. Then I turned around and looked at the sign up sheet for the Cheerios! and saw another sheet.

What's the worst that could happen? I mean its not like I'm going to lose all of my popularity. I hesitated, as I gripped the pen. 5 seconds later I was staring at my own perfect handwriting on the sheet and headed to the auditorium.


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