Glee: A New Generation

Back at McKinley High School. 20 years ago, they graduated. Now its time for a new generation to come.


3. Beth Puckerman

"Mom I'll be fine! Yes I know I have cheerleading today...tell daddy I love you too...bye mom," she giggled hanging up the phone. She texted the cheerleaders, reminding them about cheer practice after school. Beth smirked as she saw some of the football players checking her out as she walked down the hall. Damn, Jeremy is looking hot today, she thought as she opened her locker and took out her textbooks. As soon as she did, she saw her boyfriend, Jeremy Harries, standing behind her. Before she could say anything, he attacked her lips, holding her face in his hands. They were pulled away by the football players and surrounding cheerleaders. "Okay guys back off, this ones mine!" Beth yelled jokingly before walking away. Checking the sign up sheets for cheer, she noticed a similar flyer, and added her name. If my parents did it, why can't I? She asked herself, as she headed toward the auditorium.

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