The Tournament

It's been over 20 years since the end of World War 3, which has left a devastating impact on the world. Nations have had to amalgamate together into "continental republics" in order to solve the worldwide economical crisis and as for the crisis in the education systems, it was agreed that a fight to the death tournament would take place.

But this year's tournament is like no other. What will happen? Who will win?

(Inspired by Battle Royale, The Hunger Games and The Condemned. Not intending to plagiarise)


3. No Joke (Adam's POV)

Name: Adam Johnson                  Age: 17                     State: Canadian            Republic: North American


"Ok, just repeat that scene again Adam. We need more anger from you." Yasmin pointed out to me whilst adjusting the video camera. "Three, two, one. Action."

I picked up the rifle and crouched beside a stack of wooden boxes, hiding from the other actors.

"We're coming for you, kiddo. Show your face and we can settle things once and for all." The deep voice of Harry, my best friend since elementary school. He was playing a drug lord who I owed money to but I couldn't pay him so he tries to kill me, via the warehouse shootout (the current scene we're performing).

All of a sudden, I see a woman and a man at one of the auditorium doors.

"Cut!" Yasmin declares. She then turns her attention to the woman and man who are coming down the auditorium stairs. Eventually I identify the woman as my mother, Stacey.

"Mrs Johnson, what are you doing here?" Yasmin asks.

"We need to speak to Adam. It's very important." Mom replies.

"Well we're kind of busy with our movie project so could you speak to Adam later?".

Mom eventually walks over to Yasmin and looks at her like she's giving her a warning.

"Listen young lady. When a mother needs to speak to her child about something this urgent, she needs to speak to them. So forget about your stupid school project and let me talk to my son instead of being a bratty little girl."

"Fine." Yasmin sits down, looking dismayed.

I get up from where I am to face Mom and the mysterious man.

"Son, meet Archie Roberts. He's going to help you."

"Hi, nice to meet you Adam. I've heard a lot about you." He says, shaking my hand.

"Same to you too." I reply back, looking confused. "Mom, I speak to you in private." I drag her behind the curtains.

"Mom, tell me what's wrong."

"Son, I received a letter when you left for school. Your going to be the male Canadian State representative for the Tournament."

Everything went silent. I was speechless. Me entering the Tournament? Not a chance. Only the unluckiest kids end up in it. I'm lucky. I always have been.

Then I build up courage to respond.

"This has got to be a joke, right?"

"It's no joke, I'm afraid." Mom bursts into tears while everyone looks at me sympathetically.


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