The Tournament

It's been over 20 years since the end of World War 3, which has left a devastating impact on the world. Nations have had to amalgamate together into "continental republics" in order to solve the worldwide economical crisis and as for the crisis in the education systems, it was agreed that a fight to the death tournament would take place.

But this year's tournament is like no other. What will happen? Who will win?

(Inspired by Battle Royale, The Hunger Games and The Condemned. Not intending to plagiarise)


1. History

World War 3, a.k.a The Nuclear War for the frequent usage of nuclear weapons during the war, had a catastrophic effect on the world. It also left problems, two of which had to be solved quickly. So the world leaders agreed to form "continental republics" which consists of states that replaces the former nations (e.g. UK, USA). This was the only option available as a response to the economical crisis. And as for the other problem, which was do to with troublesome kids and teenagers, a new law was passed:

The Tournament

"As of this day, a male and female, in between the ages of 10 and 18, from every state will be given a letter. This letter will tell them that they have been selected for the Tournament, via impartial lottery. The Tournament is a fight to death competition that is held in a random state within the republic of the previous victor. Whoever wins the Tournament next will win their way out of further participation in The Tournament, fortune and gives their home republic the right to host the next edition of the Tournament."

- Lord Fawcett of the American States

The first edition of the Tournament was held on January 17th 2033, in the Greek State of the European Republic.


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