Hidden power

Christina Edwards, 17 years old teenage, got a hard life, since her parents divorced. She lived in sorrow, hating herself, and her life.
When she gets back to London, she suddenly remembers a park, that she used to be there, crying, or feeling bad. Whenever she goes near that street,
, but she got the strong feeling inside her, telling her to go there, to see what is it, and feel what happiness means. As she goes to her part-time work at Starbucks, she suddenly lost tracks, and find herself inside the park. Somehow, she feels the urge to run away, and get lost somewhere deep in a forest.
That when she find out she got a hidden power, that can be too powerful, which just cause her sorrow.
But what might possibly happen, if she met the whole gang?
Will it possible, that they might save Earth, from the problem heading over them?!
Will there me slightly a romance?!


1. Me, and Myself (progule)

It hadn't been long, since my parents divorced. I guess you can say, it started with a small fight, and the next thing i knew, them signing the divorce papers. I didn't knew whether I should cry, or panic, but all I did was look at them, as they packed their bags, giving me and apologetic look, each on their own route, leaving me behind.

they left me. It soon hit me hard, as sharp knives get through my weak heart, and I couldn't help but the tears pour down my pink checks. My brown, wavy hair was soon turned to a mess, and my  brown eyes, were red and puffy. It was hard, too hard, that  I had many breakdown.

The money they left me with, wasn't enough, not at all. Thank god, I have been working at the mall shop, and saved up my money. I knew the divorce thing would have come, and I knew I would be left behind, but yet..

i couldn't stop feeling hurt, isolating myself from the world, just myself. I don't want to stay here, I want to fly away, but where? Then something deep inside my heart, told me "London"..should I really go there? I went over my money, and thought for awhile. "I had enough money for the flight, but a house?! then it all came back to me..

I remembered that I lived there, that I belong there, not here. I still have the keys of that house somewhere here, as I checked every little box in the house, and found it. A new life is infront of me, and a new way of living.

me and myself, is all what I need...

(hey so how did u love the progule?! Well it is short, but I promise that chapters are really long!! Like, comment and FAV!!)

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