This is about Vivian and Hunter..Well told from her point of view.


1. First Day Together (In the same house)

I wake up missing the warmth of Hunter's body. That's when I smell coffee coming from downstairs. I get up and smile when I realize that I slept in his shirt. Walking downstairs, I run a hand through my dark hair. I smile when I see him making eggs, his back to me. Sneaking up on him, I hug him tightly. "Good morning gorgeous" he whispers, turning around to hug me back. "Morning love" comes my reply. He smiles and kisses the top of my head gently, before tilting my chin up to kiss my lips. I smile and kiss back, mumbling "Babe you're gonna burn the eggs." Pulling away, he turns around saying "Sorry Viv.." "You're fine babe" I mumble, filling a mug with coffee. He smiles and reaches behind him, squeezing my butt. I turn around, saying "Excuse me.." He smiles and turns his head, winking at me. I roll my eyes, a soft smirk on my face. Smiling, I squeeze his, running away before he could get me. He smirks and puts the pan in the sink, turning the stove off. Hunter chases after me, wrapping his arms around my waist, picking me up. I smile and put my hands over his, my fingers between his. He smiles and kisses the back of my neck. Looking over my shoulder at him, I smile and bite my lip, holding back a small moan. Hunter smirks and nibbles on my ear lobe gently, saying "Come on babe...You know you wanna..." " your dreams big guy" I say, a soft smirk growing on my face. He smiles and sighs seductively in my ear, whispering "Come on gorgeous" I sigh and turn around, pressing my lips to his. The blonde smiles and holds my neck, pushing my body against the closest wall. Smiling, I run my tongue over his upper lip, running my fingers through his golden colored hair. His lips move towards my neck, pausing for a few seconds to kiss my jaw lightly.


*Author's Note* Sorry if this 'chapter' sucks but I'm having some serious writers block...

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