back stage tour with bridget mendler.

Blurb: some people know what it is like back stage. Maybe they have gone to a concert or have performed and had to go through backstage. Only celebrities know what it is like before the show. I am ellis adrian and i am here to take you through backstage seeing what the stars are as well.


2. breakfast

Ok so it is 8:30 am and I am walking into the d.c warner theatre. I have been given my time table for the day of what bridget has to do.

8:45-breakfast in the dining hall (prop room.)

9:45- dance rehearsals with paul

12:00- lunch break in dining hall (prop room.)

1:00- vocal session wih chris

2:00- test stunts for some songs

3:00- wardrobe

4:00- make up

5:00- Hair

6:00- get microphones tested

6:15- give fans autographs

6:25- get into concert hall

6:30- concert starts

9:00- dinner and interview

So let’s go to breakfast. Here a concert they have to start very earlier to prepare for the day. There needs to be lots of last minute work.

I get into the breakfast hall 8:40. All the people are there. I have a seat next to Bridget. Breakfast is really important as it means she can get through a 2 hour dance rehearsal.

The breakfast table had cereal, pastries, bread, meats and cooked breakfast.

Here is the conversations at breakfast.

“Ok now we need everyone to know the schedule for this morning. 9:45 dance rehearsals till lunch for bridget. Now remember that we need to make sure no one goes in the rehearsal space till lunch for any decorations or instruments or props for the stunts. Now in that time we need stan to get the electronics connected to the stage. There is a place where we have a usb with the sign. Ok. Now nothing else. Lunch we’ll talk about how we are getting the stage set,” said Bridget’s manager.

So it is 9:40 and it is time for me to get going for the first task of the day dance rehearsals.

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