Last First Kiss

Talia is a sixteen-year-old friend of a boy named Harry Styles. They both like each other but have never told one another. Will this love remain secret? Or will they confess?

(ps, this is my first story, so go easy on me, ok? and yes, they all have dads, i just didn't mention them cuz, well, its my first.)


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV

"Harry..." It was at least 8:30 in the morning. WHY did he have to wake me NOW? I grumbled as I flipped over, so that I was facing the other side of the room. "Now, don't be like that, Haz!"

"I just need five more minutes, Lou." Louis Tomlinson is my cousin. I live with him, for... personal reasons. I felt his deep blue eyes staring down at me, trying to think of a way to annoy me so that I would get up. "Don't make me do it Harold." His voice was stern, but had a hint of playfulness, also. "Louis, DON'T!" i said, my morning voice cracking. i had a feeling he wasn't going to listen to me.

He didn't.

I felt the warm blankets being yanked off of me. Thank god I was wearing my trousers. All of a sudden, I felt his fingertips tickling my cold skin. "Louis.. stop!" I said, in-between laughs. Then, he stopped. I opened my eyes and saw the same smile he always has when he makes someone laugh. "Well you better get up, then, man!" he said with his hands on his hips. "Okay, I will... once you leave." I said, chuckling to myself. "Okay, then." he said walking to my door. "Don't take forever!" he shouted, as he walked downstairs. "I wont!" I said, rolling my eyes playfully. I stretched , then got out of bed. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and did my hair. I put on my Jack Wills sweater with some jeans and my white converses. I got my phone out and texted Talia.

TO: Her <3

From: Harry Styles

gonna b there in a few. cant wait!x

I pressed send and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Okay, Styles." I said to myself as I left my room. "Lets do it."

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