The Heist

Theodore Gray lives as good a life as any. A wife. Couple of kids, Nice job, late twenties. Life is good. Until he turns the news on. And he sees what could make his life hell. His psychopathic thirteen year old brother.... Robbing a bank..... Then comes the phone call.


2. Robbery

20 Hours earlier

They put their masks on. Scary ass clown masks from some cheap little Halloween store. They sat in the van. Black suits, clown masks, black bags. Looking exactly like what they were. Bank robbers. All four of them were at in the back of a van waiting in silence for it to stop. All of them were armed. Two, (The Enforcers) Carried machine guns. The Technician carried a pump action Shotgun and Their leader, The Mastermind carried A silenced pistol. Said Mastermind Stood at the back of the van, facing the doors. He was prepared. The van finally stopped. The delivery man came round to open the back of the truck. Of course he thought he had things other than four guys with guns in the back of his van. He opened the doors and was surprised to see what appeared to be the joker on a smaller scale staring at him. "Thanks for the ride" He said and shot the delivery man in the head. He jumped out and looked around the van to see that they had arrived at the back of the bank. Right where he wanted them to be. He indicated for the others to wait for him as he went up to the two security guards doing their job at the door.

"Hey" One of them said. "Am I the only one who has a problem with our leader being a fucking kid ?" The others laughed quietly. "I've worked with him for over a year now" One of the enforcer's said. "And one thing I've learnt about Damien is that if you fuck with him..." They heard the distinct sound of two bodies collapsing on the floor. "... And you die" They heard him whistle so they jumped out of the van and walked over to him. The guards lay on the floor. One with a hole in his head and the other with two in his chest. Damien clicked his fingers at The Technician who bent down and pulled a breaching charge out of his bag. He placed it on the door and they all took a big step back. It blew the door straight off of it's hinges which then took out the guard behind it.

They walked down the corridor until they came to a split. One went to the main area with all the customers. And the other to the vault. Damien indicated for one of the Enforcers to go with him to the main area while The Technician and the other Enforcer went to the vault.

Once they hit the main area Damien got the Enforcer to fire off his machine gun to scare them all while He picked off the guards with his pistol. Then Damien jumped up onto the counter. He turned on his voice changer. " Good customers of Capital Bank!" He shouted. " We are here to take All of your money!" He smiled. "And you're gonna help us DO IT". A brave man stood up. " And why would we do that huh?" Damien looked at him for a second before shooting him at point blank. "Excellent question! Because if you don't we'll kill every single one of you!" A few women screamed at that. "Shut up this isn't a fucking pantomime!" And so he carried on shouting psychopathic babble to scare them with. Meanwhile in the vault the Technician blew the final guards head straight off. He gestured to the Enforcer for him to follow him. He ran up to the vault and pulled out his special vault openers.... ten pounds of C4. Five minutes later that door was history. They went in to admire the beauty of all that money. "Oh hell yes"

"My radio tells me, we have secured your money! Now what you're gonna do is go outside and distract those pathetic little policemen who think they have a chance okay?". They decided it'd be a good idea to do what he asked. And so they went.

While that was happening Damien and the other Enforcer went to meet the others at the van. "Load that money up boys!" Said Damien. "Drinks are on me tonight!"

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