The Heist

Theodore Gray lives as good a life as any. A wife. Couple of kids, Nice job, late twenties. Life is good. Until he turns the news on. And he sees what could make his life hell. His psychopathic thirteen year old brother.... Robbing a bank..... Then comes the phone call.


5. Plan of attack

Theodore was being briefed by The enforcer. They only knew him as 'Kane' whether that was his real name or not no one knew. All they knew was that he was Damien's right-hand man. "Where's Damien ?" Theo asked. Kane frowned. "He had to go get our ah.... Escape vehicle. Just an extra precaution" Theodore thought that sounded a little foreboding but he decided to let it go for now.

"What's my job then ?". He asked. Kane snorted. "All you have to do is go in there and shoot up the place. Scare them to death, distract the guards while we blow the vault. Then we'll come round, pick you up and get to the van. Damien will be on side with our secondary escape vehicle just in case we get stuck". Theodore narrowed his eyes. "What exactly IS our secondary escape vehicle ?" Kane growled at him. "That's none of your concern Gray. Ask again and the youngest gets it." Theodore shut up then, wondering what the hell they were keeping it secret for...

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