The Heist

Theodore Gray lives as good a life as any. A wife. Couple of kids, Nice job, late twenties. Life is good. Until he turns the news on. And he sees what could make his life hell. His psychopathic thirteen year old brother.... Robbing a bank..... Then comes the phone call.


3. Phone call

They sat down to watch the evening news after they'd put the children to bed. They were shattered. It was bloody hectic looking after a four and an eight year old. They both sighed contentedly and she curled up in his arms like she used to in their earlier days when they had first gotten together. Then it came on. A view of the robbery. They saw from the cameras what appeared to be a midget stood on the counter shouting at the customers. It would have been almost comedic until he put a bullet in one man who dared stand up. He heard his wife gasp. It was shocking. There hadn't been crime like this in years.

The news closed with something unimportant about a surfing monkey. The only thing even remotely interesting had been the robbery. They felt unsafe with those psychopaths so close to the town. Theodore heard his phone begin to ring. Sarah moved so he could go and get it. "Hello ?" He said as he picked the phone up. "Hello brother" Came the cold voiced answer. "Damien ?" He asked. "Yes. I need your help." Theodore frowned. "O- okay what with ?" The phone cut out. " That was weird" He said. " Who was it ?" Sarah called. " My brother". She jumped up at that. "Your BROTHER?" He nodded. "I'm as surprised as you are". Theodore hadn't been on good terms with his parents for years. So he hadn't had much contact with his younger brother. "What did he want ?" "My help". She paused. "What with?" He was about to shrug when the front door burst open and three men in clown masks charged through the door. Sarah had time to start screaming before one of them knocked her out with a punch. "Leave her alone !" He roared. He was about to charge the guy that had punched his wife when another slammed the butt of his rifle in Theo's face. He collapsed on the floor, his vision faded. The last think he saw before he passed out was a fourth figure walk through the door.

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