The Heist

Theodore Gray lives as good a life as any. A wife. Couple of kids, Nice job, late twenties. Life is good. Until he turns the news on. And he sees what could make his life hell. His psychopathic thirteen year old brother.... Robbing a bank..... Then comes the phone call.


8. Operation Overkill


The good people gathered around the bank trying to look inside to see the masked maniac holding everyone hostage. It was like a show to them. The first really interesting thing they'd seen all year. They didn't even notice the ground starting to rumble until it got closer. One scream started and then another. Everyone turned to see what was going on. Then they saw it. Of all things they would ever expect to see in this town. That was not one of them.


Kane burst out of the door leading to the vault and strode into the foyer He spotted Theodore standing stock still as he stared at the guards he had killed. "For god's sake" He muttered. He threw two of the bags full of money at Theo. "Take those". Theo slowly stopped and picked up the bags. "Now we wait" "For what ?" "For whatever Damien went to get". Theo frowned. "You mean you don't know ? You're his second in command and he didn't tell you the getaway plan ?" Kane shrugged. "He called it operation overkill". Theodore did NOT like the sound of that.

He looked over at Kane and jumped back. The man had a pistol pointed at him. "I'm sorry Theo but I want the full cut this time. I'm going to kill you and your little brother then take it all". "You son of a bitch Theo snarled. Kane just laughed and began to squeeze the trigger. Then the wall exploded. A massive chunk of it slammed into Kane and pinned him to the floor. Then the tank rolled in. "You have got to be fucking kidding me" Theo exclaimed. Operation overkill... Was a tank. The psychopath had gone and gotten himself a tank. The top flew open And Damien climbed out. Ignoring Theo he walked over to his half crushed second in command. "Seems like you forgot you had a radio motherfucker. I heard everything" Kane didn't even beg. He just waited. Damien hefted a large slab of rock and dropped it on his head. Repeatedly. Until it was just a mush of flesh, blood, brain and bone. Then, and only then, did Damien turn to Theo. "Let's go brother".

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