Just my luck - harry styles fanfiction

Eevee has moved from school to school because of her mums job. Finally her mother sends her to a boarding school on the outskirts of London. Here she makes new friends and enemies. What will happen when she runs in Harry, the so called school bad ass! ~ So this is my first fanfic make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think! :) dont forget to like<3


3. The party


I got back to the dorm from photography. I was so confused. My first day and i've already kissed someone. I dont even like him! Do I? No, i cant, not after what ive been told about him. I open the door and see Georgia.

"Hey, wheres Chloe?" I asked plopping down on my bed.

"I dont know, after French she ran off somewhere" she said shrugging her shoulders. I just sighed and got my macbook out. I was online shopping, no suprise there. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Without think i said.

"Come in, its open" The door opened and Harry appeared. What was he doing here?

"Why are you here?" Georgia snapped at him. He gave her a death glare.

"I came to talk to Eevee" He snapped back at her.

"What do you want Harry?" i said moving my macbook off my lap.

"Im having a party tonight, d'you wanna come?" he asked leaning against the door frame.

I hesitated to answer."Err...only if Georgia and Chloe can come" i said looking at Georgia, who had wide eyes.

"Yeah sure whatever, so is that a yes?" he said looking into my eyes. I simply nodded. He grinned and walked out.

"Im not going" Georgia said doing her work.

"C'mon, i dont wanna go alone....I bet Zayn will be there" i said smirking. She sighed and agreed. "Yay, will Chloe come?" she just nodded. Where was Chloe? Suddenly my phone vibrated. I checked it and i had a new text.

From: Unknown

Be ready by 7 ;)x -H

Okay now we know who.

To: Harry

Sure....Wait how did you get my number?

I quickly pressed the send button.

From: Harry

I have my ways ;) 

I can just see the smirk on his face. Just then Chloe walked in.

"Where have you been?" I asked returning to my shopping.

"Oh...Just walking around campus" she said and plopped down.

"Oh okay...Anyways were going to a party tonight" i said excitedly.

"Are we, who's?" She asked shooting her head up, almost banging it on the bed above.

"Well Harry invited me to one, he's picking us up at 7" i said smiling.

"Wait, Harry invited you?" I just nodded "We cant go" she said sternly.

"What, why?" i said looking slightly sad, Harry wasn't as bad as they had made out.

"Because, its Harry and the 'Populars'" she said putting quotation marks around the word 'Populars'

"So, Niall will be there." i said hoping this will convince her.

"Eh....Okay then" she said and sighed

"Yay, he's picking us up at 7" The time now was 4.


It was 6:50, Harry would be here in 10 minutes. Me, Chloe and Georgia were all dressed up, I wore a black and white aztec playsuit with a black blazer, Chloe wore shorts and a lace crop top, then Georgia wore a high-low pastel pink skirt with a crop top. We were all talking when the door knocked. I knew it was Harry. I got up and opened it.

"Hey" i said with a smile. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a Ramones top.

"Hey, wow, you look amazing" he said leaning in for a hug. I was hesitant but hugged back.

"Thanks, wait one second" i said going to the bathroom and checked in the mirror. I still looked good. I grabbed my black clutch and walked out with the others.

"So where is this party?" Georgia asked.

"In a cabin nearby" I wasn't keen on cabins, they scare me. I got into Harry's SUV and smiled, it basically the same as mine.

"I found my cars twin" i said looking out the window

"Huh?" Harry said with a confused expression

"I have the same car as you" i said and checked my phone.


We finally arrived at the party. So many people were throwing up outside. I scrunched my nose the how disgusting this was.

"Here" Harry yelled out. We all got out the car and followed Harry. We soon found Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis, and some random girls. I sat down on the couch next to Harry and Liam. Chloe was talking to Niall and Georgia was talking to Zayn. I just sat there kinda aka-awkward while everyone was talking.

"You okay?" I looked up and saw Harry looking at me.

"Yeah im fine" i said slightly smiling.

"Do you want a drink?"

"Sure" He went off so i just carried on being silent.

"So you and Harry?" I turned and saw Liam.


"Your dating Harry, right?" Urm NO.

"Uh, no were just friends, i think" i mean we kissed but we aren't dating, i dont know im confused. Soon Harry returned. Before he sat down i grabbed the drink and drank almost all of it.

"Woah slow down" Harry said sitting down. I just laughed not knowing what to say.

"TRUTH OR DARE!" Louis called out. Urgh such a cliche party game. We all sat in a circle. It went me, Harry, Some girl, Niall, Chloe, Zayn, Georgia, Louis, some girl, another girl then Liam.

"So whos first?" Niall called out.

"Me" i heard Louis call out. "Okay so.....Chloe, truth or dare?"

"Dare" she replied

"Er.. take 3 shots" she quickly did 3 shots.

"Easy, Okay, Liam truth or dare?"


"Who do you have a crush on?"

"erm" he got a little red "Danielle" he said quickly. "Eevee truth or dare" i stop laughing.

"Um, dare?" i said unsure myself.

"I dare you to kiss" he pointed round the circle and landed on Harry. Oh god no.

"No thanks"

"Its a dare you have to, or you get a wore one" he said smiling evily. Urgh, sad face. I looked at Harry who was grinning. I sighed and leaned in closely. Our lips met briefly only to leave half a second later.

"Done!" i said taking a drink from the red cup. We played a few more round, Zayn and Georgia kissed, Niall went topless and some other stuff i dont remember. I stood up and stumble slightly but stayed up. I made my way towards the kitchen when i was knocked over. Before i hit the floor a pair of arms caught me. I looked up and no suprise it was Liam? Huh.

"Oh thanks Liam" i said getting up.

"No worries...So have you talked to Harry?" he said with his hands in his pockets.

"No why?" i said raising an eyebrow.

"Oh hes looking for you" he replied.

"Oh ill find him later" i said pouring some more Sourz into my cup. I smiled and walked back to the living room and started dancing with Chloe and Georgia.


Okay if you want to suggest some ideas for the story that i could put in, id give you credit of course. LIKE, BE A FAN ETC.!! LOVE YOU ALL XXX

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