Just my luck - harry styles fanfiction

Eevee has moved from school to school because of her mums job. Finally her mother sends her to a boarding school on the outskirts of London. Here she makes new friends and enemies. What will happen when she runs in Harry, the so called school bad ass! ~ So this is my first fanfic make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think! :) dont forget to like<3


5. The bonfire


We arrived in town and decided to go into Topshop! While in their i got 2 blazers and some make-up. We then went into H&M, Dorothy Perkins, and other high street shops. All in all a big shopping spree for the auntumn/winter.

"Why dont we go to Nando's?" I suggested as we were all starving. We had had a small breakfast and a starbucks drink. We go in and sit down. I browse down the menu looking at all the delicious food. We decided to get the wing platter.

"This is lush!" Georgia said taking another piece of chicken.

"I know, i love it here!" I replying taking a sip of my coke.

"Do they do birthday parties here?" Chloe asked. Im guessing she loves this food. And to be fair it was pretty damn good.

"So hows things with you guys? Anything with Niall or Zayn?" I ask them.

"Well Zayn asked me on a date, and hes taking me to the bonfire tonight" Georgia replied. Im happy for her. Her and Zayn were good for each other.

"Niall and I are going to the bonfire aswell. Im so excited, he aslo said they might do a camp out aswell. We could take a tent for us three? Eevee has Harry asked you?" She asked, now both of there attention was on me.

"Urmm why would he ask me?" I ask, I knew they thought we were dating or whatever but nothings going on between us. 

"You might not realise it now, but you two will end up together, i know it" Chloe says smugly.

"Hahahaha, no, we wont, because i wont let it happen. I've heard what you've said about him and i wont let him into my life" I said trying to mean it.

"Okay lets just wait and see" Chloe says drinking her drink.


After Nando's we decide to just walk around the mall. In the centre there is a huge fountain with seats around it, then along the sides are loads of different shops, mainly clothing shops. 

"Hey theres Niall, lets go say hey" Chloe says pulling me and Georgia towards him. By the looks of it hes with Liam, Zayn, Louis and..Harry. Great.

"Hey" Chloe says standing by Niall. Georgia goes towards Zayn and im just left standing there.

"Hey, i didn't know you guys were coming here" Niall says to Chloe.

"Neither did I, Eevee suggested it this morning" She replied putting me on the spot.

"Stalking us are we?" Harry says with a smirk on his face.

"Haha" I say sarcastically "I just needed a few bit and bobs for our room, and i love shopping so i like to go as often as i can" I say to them. Liam and Louis then walk off. I think to go shopping. Niall is talking to Chloe and Georgia is with Zayn. Meaning im left alone with Harry.

"So..." He says awkwardly.

"So.." I say just as awkwardly.

"Are you doing anything tonight?" He asks.

"Urmm, no, i might just have an early night tonight, why?" I say, maybe its about the bonfire.

"Its just theres this bonfire tonight and i thought you could come because Chloe and Georgia are and its boring being by yourself in a small dorm room." He says putting his hands into his pockets.

"Urh, I dont know, maybe, ill see how i feel later, im really tired. Chloe said there might be a camp out aswell?" I ask trying to get some information.

"Oh yeah, well if you do come, there will be a campout so bring a tent." He said. He seemed different today, maybe nice?

"Yeah, i might share one with Chloe and Georgia." I say quickly turning back to see they are still talking.

"Or share with me?" He says with a cheeky smirk. And were back to perverted Harry.

"Ill pass on that, thanks" i say."Urm, im gonna go now, this is boring talking to you." I say a bit bluntly.

"Oh thanks a lot" He says sarcastically. I just smile back at him.

"Shall we go, im bored and my legs really hurt!" I say to Chloe and Georgia.

"Yeah okay, see you later" Chloe said and kissed Niall on the cheek. Georgia then kissed Zayn.

"You could do that to me, you know." I heard Harry whisper in my ear. It sent a shiver down my spine. I decide to ignore his comment and walk off with the girls.


We had arrived back at our dorm room and decided to pack weekend bags for the bonfire and camp out. I decided i would take my camera because it seems like a good time to take photos and i want to start doing more photography in my free time.

"So where exactly is this bonfire thingy?" I ask putting a few last things in my bag.

"Urmm, somewhere off campus" Chloe replied.

"Okay, how are we getting there?" I asked. I like to know every single detail about things.

"Niall driving us there, and Zayn is bringing us back, i think were picking a few people up on the way there aswell." She says smiling "Jake, Luke, Danielle and Emily are coming aswell!" Thats one part im excited about. I feel like i haven't seen them in  ages.

"Yay! I haven't seen them in ages!!" I quickly popped off to the bathroom to touch up on my hair and make-up. I walked back out and saw that Chloe had put all our bags together and the tent next to them. Hopefully this would be a fun trip. I sat on my bed and checked my phone.

"So what time is Niall picking us up?" It was 5pm now.

"In 15 minutes i think" Chloe replied checking back through her bag making sure she had everything.

"Okay, he better hurry up im bored" I say checking my phone. I suddenly recieve a text from Harry:

*Hope to see you tonight;)*

I quickly reply back with:

*You will, just not inside a tent*

I then put my phone away and theres a knock at the door. Im guessing Niall. I open the door to see im right.

"Hey Niall" I say walking over to get my bag. I pick it uo and head out the door with them.

"So how far away is it?" I ask. Chloe and Niall sat in the front while me and Georgia were in the back seats.

"Urmm about 15-20 minutes away, not far" He replies keeping his eyes on the road. After a while we finally arrived at a lake with tents set up and a huge bonfire in the middle of them all. It looks like it will be a fun night. Loads of people are talking to each other or sat by the huge lake.

We thanks Niall for the ride then went  to find a space for our tent. Our spot was near the huge bonfire but also close to the lake. I noticed that we were close to Liam, Louis and Zayn's tent. We set out tent up, with great difficulty and went off to find Dani, Emily, Jake and Luke. We found them down by the lake.

"Hey guys" I said sneaking up behind them.

"Ahhh!" Emily screamed a little. We all laughed. I sat down between Jake and Dani. I didn't really know the boys that well so i decided to talk to them.

"So what classes are you two taking?" I asked directing the question towards Jake and Luke. 

"My choice subjects are Business, Computing and Art" Luke said. 

"Im taking P.E, Performing arts and Music." Jake then followed.

"Oh cool, im taking textiles, art and photography, shame i dont have art with you Luke" I said with a playful pouty face. He just laughed. I noticed there were a few pebbles around. "Do you guys know how to skip stones?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Kinda" Jake said.

"Im quite good at it" Luke said after.

"Good" I said picking one up and skimming it over the water. It only bounced 3 times.

"That was pretty good" Jake said.

"Maybe compared to you, ive gotten further but its hard sometimes" I say in a sarcastic voice making it sound like i know what im talking about. We skimmed loads of stones. Luke was amazing at it, Jake not so much and i was pretty good. We all went back to our tents. Theirs was also near ours which i was happy about. Chloe, Georgia, Dani and Emily had all gone off somewhere so it was just me, Luke and Jake. We sat in some camp chairs near the huge bonfire. It was about 8pm now. It was quite dark. Darker than what i like. We sat there talking about loads of stuff until the girls returned.

"Hey guys" Emily said sneaking up on me trying to scare me.

"Nice try, not gonna work though." I said laughing a little. "Im gonna go change" I say. Right now i was wearing shorts a tank top and a small jacket. I get inside the tent and change into a pair of skinny sweats, a different tank top and a hoodie. I tie my hair up into a messy bun.


Sorry im bad at updating. Loads of school work to do. Next chapter will be up in a week i think. Trying to upload one or two a week x Like, Fan idk whatever bye x

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